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Overwatch Buffs Roadhog, Junkrat And More In PTR Update

After enough grief from the community, Blizzard has buffed a whopping 4 heroes in Overwatch, as well as a new map and game mode.

With the Summer Games 2017 in full swing over on the Overwatch live server, Overwatch’s public test region(PTR) is back up with four bunch of hero balance changes, as well as a new game mode. It has been over a year since Overwatch was released, and Blizzard still regularly releasing updates, and the next update sounds like it is to be one of the most substantial yet, besides adding new heroes.

Overwatch lead engineer Bill Warnecke teased the upcoming PTR patch in early August, noting that both Junkrat and Roadhog would receive buffs. Later, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan spoke about potential Orisa buffs. Well, the latest Overwatch PTR patch that just went live adds all three of those changes, as well as a Widowmaker upgrade. Outside of hero balance, Overwatch’s PTR is now home to a new game mode called Deathmatch, which will feature Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All, both long awaited and long requested by fans.

Roadhog has been in desperate need of a buff of some sort since brutal his nerf last month, and the community has not stopped talking about it. Well, the people asked and they received. As part of his buff, Roadhog will now be able to walk and heal himself at the same time, and he will take 50% less damage when healing. Even though his damage isn’t being increased, this buff should still go a long way in improving Roadhog’s pick rate and making him a more viable option in the game.

Along with Roadhog, his partner in crime, Junkrat, has also received a very long awaited buff. Junkrat is a great ranged and shotgun-style defense hero, but is just not a great pick for team comp due to his mobility. Now, Junkrat’s Concussion Mine can now hold two mines or charges. This should allow him to triple jump, making him far more mobile, allowing him to blow himself into the fray, lay down a trap and a few grenades, and then back out as quickly as he came in. As for his ultimate, RIP-Tire, the movement speed has been increased by a whopping 30 percent. But perhaps the most interesting change is the removal of time limits when the tire climbs on walls. This is definitely a huge step towards making the explosives expert a significant addition to the team comp.

Orisa, meanwhile, will now feature the projectiles shot from her Fusion Driver have had their speed increased by 20 percent, while the Protective Barrier has been increased in size by 20 percent. The shape has also been changed to allow for more coverage from enemies shooting from below. As for Widowmaker, the cooldown on her grappling hook is being reduced from twelve seconds to eight, and enemies that are hit by her Venom Mine will now be visible through walls, but only for Widowmaker.

Along with these four hero buffs, Overwatch is also implementing the new game mode called Deathmatch. It will feature two different games, Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. Deathmatch has been a long requested game mode and now players can finally try it out on the PTR. Additionally, a new map is being added, called Chateau Guillard. It is an estate located in southeastern France, once owned by Widowmaker’s family. Since becoming a Talon agent, Widowmaker has returned to the estate and using it as her base of operations. It will be interesting to see more of this new map in action in the PTR with the new game mode, and hopefully it will give fans the opportunity to learn more about Widowmaker, as her lore is a fan favorite in Overwatch.

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