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Overwatch Anniversary Loot Rewards


The developers at Overwatch continue to have no shame in keeping their fans hanging on each post and picture from their social media sites. As we draw closer to the anniversary, Blizzard released a couple of videos that showed off some event cosmetics.


Yesterday, We got a few surprises from Overwatch’s twitter account, when they showed off three new maps.  Based on the environments on display it looks like they’ll be tied in somehow with the current Dorado, Eichenwalde, and Anubis maps. Later that day there were two more videos released showing off a few new cosmetics that will be on their way for the anniversary event. In one post from the South Korean Overwatch Twitter, the video can confirm that Bastion,

In one post from the South Korean Overwatch Twitter, the video can confirm that Bastion, Pharah, Soldier 76, and Zarya will be getting new legendary skins for the Anniversary event. Along with the the skin reveals we got to hear some new voice lines from Winston, Solider 76, Reinhardt, Mcree, Roadhog, and Lucio. For the cherry on top, in the third tweet, Blizzard showed off dancing emotes. Now players can cut a rug while moving the payload, or taking the point. Sombra, Lucio, Symmetra, and Zenyatta are going to be getting some new moves with the next patch.Overwatch

Blizzard has continued to tease fans of Overwatch, with more news about what is to come for the Anniversary event.  Were going to be getting some skins, emotes, as well as new voice lines. Judging by what has been shown so far it looks like Youtuber Hammeh, was right in his data mining. There was a file named “Event_6” during the last PTR, Hammeh discussed how many items each character would get, around 6 cosmetic items for most of the roster.  Although, his statements haven’t been proven 100% correct yet. We will most certainly find out in a few days.

The anniversary event will also be coinciding with Blizzard’s free-to-play Overwatch weeekend from the 26th to the 29th of this month. Players will be able to play the full roster and play the full game. Also, for players who decide to pick up the game after the weekend, they will be able to keep the progress and cosmetics they have made during that time.

What do you think about the new cosmetics? Are you Excited about the anniversary event? Do you think there is something else that Blizzard isn’t telling us?Let us know in the comments, or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!