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Official Deadpool 2 Teaser: No Good Deed

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

A Deadpool 2 Teaser has just been posted onto Ryan Reynolds Youtube account.

The Deadpool 2 Teaser from the end of Logan has already been posted onto Youtube before Logan has been released into cinemas. It’s a brief encounter with Deadpool titled ‘No Good Deed’, likely not a scene taken from the final movie itself. The entire scene is a spoof of Superman changing into costume in a phone booth upon spotting a crime, right down to the music in the background.

It’s got butts, murder and Stan Lee. What more could a fan ask for? Note the Firefly posters on the wall behind the telephone booth (Ryan Reynolds is close friends with Nathan Fillion from Firefly, so this is likely no accident). There’s a Logan poster at the end, another small 4th wall break considering this teaser is the post-credits scene from Logan.

Even the description of the video sounds like Deadpool (“Wade and the other girls from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants plan a trip to Cabot Cove). If anyone is wondering what the gigantic wall of text says at the end of video says, /u/Emile-Durkheim posted a transcript onto Reddit.

Deadpool 2 is due to release into cinemas sometime in 2018.Wol

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  • Good stuff, but you forgot the bit about Cable’s name! “Nathan Summers cumming soon!”

    Hopefully this means we actually see Cable in this movie too.

    • Nice catch! I’ll get it added into the article. I’m like 50:50 on Deadpool having Cable in the movie. On the one hand, that’s definitely not accidental. On the other, it’s goddamn Deadpool: of course they’d troll us.

      • I think I’ll live either way, and ultimately I’m happy there’s another Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds at the helm. But I always loved the interplay between these two characters, and I’m really hoping this eventually leads up to an X-force spinoff. So I have my fingers crossed!