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Nintendo Switch Price Leak from Best Buy and ToysRUs

Reddit Moderator verifies that new Best Buy SKU in system shows Nintendo Switch Pricing.


Razorbeamz a mod of the Nintendo Switch Reddit thread has posted a verified Nintendo Switch price of $249.99 for the "Nintendo N2" SKU recently found in the Buy Buy pricing database. The Nintendo Switch Mod team is known for fact checking their sources and they have confirmed that the Best Buy pricing system does have this SKU.

However, what they can't confirm is if this is the actual pricing as it may simply be a placeholder. That said we did see another potential leak found by Wccftech.com about the Toys R Us Canada Website has surfaced recently to say there will be 2 different SKU's and the basic Nintendo Switch will be $199.99 USD and the bundled Nintendo Switch will be $249.99 USD.

Image Credit Wffftech.com
Image Credit Wffftech.com

Now given that Best Buy listed the "Nintendo N2" as the SKU name this would lead me to believe that the rumors are true and what we can expect from tomorrow is two different priced bundles for the basic and bundled version of the Nintendo Switch.

While the leaks sound encouraging, remember that they could be placeholders but around the internet, the general agreement is that the leaked pricing would be a strategic pricing point for the estimated 2 million units Nintendo wants on launch. Stay tuned to DVSGaming for coverage of the Nintendo Switch News event January 12th.

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