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Possibilities for A Nintendo Switch “Mini”

NES Mini, SNES Mini, why not a mini Switch? One excited Nintendo fan has created images of what he thinks the Switch Mini could look like.

An analyst from the firm Citigroup, released statements last week that suggests Nintendo will release a version of the Switch in “Mini” proportions. The Switch Mini is hypothetically intended to cater to pint-sized younger players. Earlier examples of similar marketing techniques by Nintendo include the 2DS from a few years ago. To further help gamers conceptualize the Nintendo Switch Mini one super fan has created mock images of what may come to be. The diehard fan has taken the time and effort to predict actual concept designs and made them real for all of us to view. The super creative images are a must see and have elicited its own level of excitement for the may or may not be a concept.

Nintendo Switch Mini Concept3
Fan made concept art for a Switch Mini

The drawing points to the Switch Mini design is primarily pricing and size. The Mini would have a 5-inch screen compared to the 6.2-inch screen, and would not come with detachable Joy-Cons. This ensures the practical pricing parameters and helps keep the Switch Mini a smaller version easier for smaller hands to operate. No dock would be included but it would still be compatible with one making it convenient for Nintendo Switch using families and households. The design images suggest a more rounded design for the Switch Mini as well.

Though the analyst responsible for the imagined Switch Mini idea mentioned nothing about a price point for the console, it would make sense for the Mini version to be priced under the $200 mark. It’s a reasonable speculation considering that the marketing would be geared towards a much younger audience. The proposed concept design also adds a wide range of colors resembling the rainbow to captivate its younger consumer group as well.

If you’re super excited about the Switch Mini design like millions of other fans it’s time to sit down and take a deep breath. Fans have begun to speculate when such a console may enter the gaming scene, and it may be some time away. It’s been argued that Nintendo would only release the console after Nintendo 3DS and 2DS sales begin to dip, and ultimately when the Pokémon franchise decides to stop supporting 3DS platforms.

Where this bursts gamer bubbles worldwide is the fact that Nintendo 3DS sales are still strong. The Pokémon future launch dates are still unknown so this adds even more speculation. With that being said, there is no way to predict when a Switch Mini concept could be released. The analyst who released the statement did, however, suggest a 2019 timeframe. Though long ways off it’s still not an unbearable wait to compare the mock-ups to the real thing.