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New Tameable Pets in 7.3

Hunters, You finally get a new selection of pets to tame from Argus.

Hunters, you get a wide selection of new tamable pets from Argus, Many of which are the same but new models of other pets available, like Beast (cat), Mana rays (flying), and Talbuks (stag). Below is the Chitinous Cragscaler, a new model from the stag category.

Argus Pet - Chitinous Cragscaler Stag type pet in WoW

The new pets include Mana Rays, Argus Talbuks, Marsuuls, and Pantharas. All with a variety of color variations. The mana rays have a beautiful but brutal new look, the Panthera is an edgy new feline model, and the Marsuul is a cute new group of tamable rodents that incorporate the skill of the porcupine family. You can see more of the new models available courtesy of Petopia, visit their page to view the full selection of color variations.

The pets abilities are still unknown, but we can probably expect they will mimic the typical abilities. These new pets are unlike any we have seen in WoW model wise. Blizzard removed the raid buff system in Legion, so the choice of hunter pet is unnecessary in a raid or dungeon setting and is the players choice. All of these models, except the spiked grubs and void stalker, are now tameable.

Just remember to turn growl off!

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