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On April 11th Privateer Press announced that they will be releasing new rule set for their Warmachine and Hordes game. This new rule set will be released on June 29th of 2016. They have been working on it for several years according to their web page, it was code named Egg Roll.

This new edition of WARMACHINE and HORDES, represent the biggest project Privateer Press has ever undertaken. Every model ever made for the games was redesigned and rebalanced. They were updated to a revised set of rules that  fits how the model  fits in the game along with some changes to their aesthetics.

This is how war begins

According to their web page the new editions are very much an evolution of the game.

They went on to say:

"Up until now they had been quiet about it, but the development of this new rule set did not happen in a vacuum. You, our community were helping us the entire time as they collected over the years of data gathered over the course of Mk II, derived from thousands of convention and Organized Play events. We have billions (or some slightly smaller number) of forum posts filled with suggestions, discussions, and yes, even the occasional debate, on what would be best for the game, what works, what doesn’t, what would make it better, and what the players [collectively] love about playing WARMACHINE and HORDES. Dozens of our staff, from Insider Regulars Director of Business Will Shick and Creative Director Ed Bourelle to Graphic Designer Richard Anderson and Sculpting Manager Doug Hamilton, spend thousands of hours at conventions talking to the people who play our games, and many of them bring their own armies and throw down on the table with you. Lead Game Designer Jason Soles will play 15-20 games every year just at Lock & Load, and any other time we let him leave the office to go to an event. It might look like it’s all just fun and games, but that experience for us(the game developers) is invaluable when it comes to making a game that our players will want to play and will enjoy."

These new rules  are not something that Privateer Press just decided to do on a whim. Instead they did their research and are truly hoping that this new rule set will help the game progress. They hope for new players to enter the game as well, and they will be coming out with new battle boxes for each faction in the game.


Image & video ©Privateer Press