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New DLC for Sniper Elite 4

Sinper Elite 4 Inception

Rebellion announces the first two big DLCs for Sniper Elite 4.

Deathstorm part 1: Inception is the first of three new campaign missions to be announced.  Inception will take players to a Nazi base in northern Italy that has recently been hit by a bombing run, and in this mission, Karl Fairburne must help finish what the bombing run started. However, this is not Karl’s primary goal: he’s been ordered to retrieve a secret package related to the manhattan project known as Deathstorm.

Sniper Elite 4

The DLC doesn’t end there. The Night Fighter Expansion Pack will include three new weapons, eight night time camo skins for rifles, and new male and female character skins. Don’t worry, there is something for you multiplayer fans too. Elimination is a new free game mode where two teams of six face off against each other trying to whittle down the enemy team. In this mode when you die, you cannot respawn unless one of your teammates gets a kill and the same goes for the enemy team, so even in a 1v4 situation all is not lost.

Sniper Elite 4 Night Woods

There is some free DLC coming for multiplayer fans too, the first of which is a new map called Night Woods which looks to be quite fun and given the night setting it will also be a challenge.  Here you can read Rebellion’s roadmap for all their future DLC that we’ll be covering right here on DVS as it releases.  Rebellion has also gone on record saying in an interview with Playstation:

“Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t include any microtransactions in the free-to- play, pay-to- win sense I imagine you’re referring to. As with Sniper Elite 3 you will be able to buy weapon skins, new weapons and characters to use in most modes but there are no in-game currency packs to buy or that sort of thing. And yes, there is a Season Pass. It’ll give you access to all the DLC we create, and as we did with Sniper Elite 3, we plan to support Sniper Elite 4 with tons of content after launch, including new campaign content, so there’s something for everyone.

And like I said, all multiplayer map modes and maps will be entirely free for the community.”

Do you play Sniper Elite 4?  What do you think of the new content?  Should more companies follow in Rebellion’s footsteps when it comes to releasing DLC?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and in the comment’s below


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