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New Destiny 2 Statistics Provide Crucial Guide to Engram Drop Rates

A user on Reddit has calculated the different drop rates from events, giving players new information on the Destiny 2 loot system.

When Destiny 2 launched, it gave us significant improvements to its public events system with the ability to unlock a heroic difficulty in order to achieve better loot. However, one player on Reddit took it upon himself to study and identify the drop rate for specific loot items that can drop in a public event. He described taking part in 100 events with half being on regular and the other half being on heroic difficulty.

Destiny 2 weapon
Destiny 2 Legendary Scout Rifle

He described taking part in 100 events with half being on regular and the other half being on heroic difficulty. The player stated in his Reddit post that the overall drop rate for rare items was 94% for regular with the legendary drop rate being 8% and the exotic rate being 2%. As for heroic, he states that the drop rate for rare items came around to 146%, with the legendary drop rate dropping down to 0% while the chance for an exotic item came around to 8%.

The user also notes that he recorded a 21% overall drop rate of Legendary Engrams that was directly from the grind of Public Events. Unfortunately, the user did not list which events specific Engrams dropped from, but he did say that only three out of the 50 regular events only dropped glimmer with no loot in sight.

With this information public, the need to activate heroic events seems less of a priority as the chances for exotic weapons seems to only increase by six percent. While this certainly doesn’t mean you should skip heroics all together, it should make you think about what to prioritize in order to get the most loot out of Destiny.

If you’re only after exotic items or rare items, then it would make sense to prioritize the heroic events as they do have higher drop rates. While the chances for legendary gear dropping down to 0% for heroic events, it may not be impossible for exotic loot to drop, but your chances seem significantly higher for the normal strikes to drop exotic loot.

Keep in mind this is certainly not the only way to get such sought-after loot from your Destiny experience. There is the updated crucible PvP mode that gives out several rewards for your participation, and the Leviathan raid that can grant both Achievements and highly coveted loot only available through the raid.

In the end, it seems to come down to the player on how to approach this new data. But there may other ways to obtain Engrams, perhaps through an undiscovered loot cave, similar to the hilarious Destiny 1 exploit.

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