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New Clarifications for the Netherlight Crucible

WoW Netherlight Crucible

Blizzard answers more questions on the Netherlight Crucible.

The Netherlight Crucible has been a hot topic when it comes to the upcoming Patch. It is a new concept to customize your relics in 7.3. After the  Q & A with Ion Hazzikostas on August 3rd, Blizzard has received even more questions about how it works, and a few concerns as well.

Some of the big take aways:

 “Raiders to feel as though their best bet is to run Mythic Keystone dungeons constantly in the hopes of having a Relic with their ideal bonus trait drop (and Titanforge for a high item level).” – community manager writes in the official post.

Although this makes sense and remains true, It complicates the game for everyone and has outraged some players.

“Nevertheless, this still seems like a horrible, horrible idea. This entire expansion is filled with bad ideas and this is the icing on top of the cake of bad ideas.” responds a player in the comment section

Many players have commented on the official post saying they are not happy with this idea, But who knows. It may or may not be a complete flop.

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