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Mythic+ Weekly Guide: March 14 to March 20

Welcome to DVS Gaming’s weekly guide to Mythic+. This week’s affixes are Sanguine, Overflowing and Tyrannical.

All strategies are made in consideration for Mythic+10 keystones, when all three affixes are present. This week, we will also include a dungeon difficulty scale for each affix.


Shortly after death, non-boss enemies will leave a pool of blood on the ground, which grows to a 5 yard radius over 2 seconds. This pool heals enemies and damages players for a percentage of their maximum health.

Staying out of fire has been a mechanic for over a decade in the game—except the fire can heal enemies and hurt you. Having a mobile tank will help you overcome this affix—especially Guardian Druids who can increase movement speed every minute to ensure that melee DPS don’t get caught in this affix.

Easy Dungeons: Eye of Azshara, Neltharion’s Lair, Halls of Valor, Darkheart Thicket

Due to the amount of open space these dungeons have, Sanguine should not be a huge issue for these instances.

Medium Dungeons: Vault of the Wardens, The Arcway, Maw of Souls

Occasional tight spaces, but aren’t too bad for this affix.

Hard Dungeons: Black Rook Hold, Court of Stars

The sheer amount of trash in these dungeons, as well as the small spaces you have to fight them in, may force you to use your space wisely.


Overhealing causes the target to gain a healing absorption shield for three times the amount overhealed.

This affix is all about mana management. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid being hit by things to make it easier on your healer, but healers will have to make sure they minimize their overhealing as much as possible to prevent the triggering of Overflowing. In synchronization with Sanguine, this combination makes this week one of the easier weeks to do Mythic+ dungeons.

The dungeon difficulty scale does not apply here as the affix only affects healers.


Bosses have more health and deal more damage.

Any boss mechanics can and will oneshot you, so following mechanics is a must. Sanguine does not apply for boss fights, while Overflowing will be an issue should healers have issues when healing up party members.

The dungeon difficulty scale applies to bosses only for this affix.

Easy Dungeons: Maw of Souls, Neltharion’s Lair

Doing boss mechanics in these dungeons pose little to no difficulty thanks to their predictable timing.

Medium Dungeons: Black Rook Hold, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara

Serpentrix in Eye of Azshara is somewhat of a threat if you don’t move out of green puddles and kite pools, but boss mechanics are still rather predictable. Black Rook Hold’s Smashspite the Hateful will hit a lot harder and players should soak as many charges as possible.

Hard Dungeons: The Arcway, Court of Stars, Vault of the Wardens, Halls of Valor

Some of these bosses are especially hard. Advisor Melandrus in Court of Stars and Nal’tira in The Arcway can be painful if boss mechanics are ignored, as well as God-King Skovald and Hyrja in Halls of Valor due to their devastating AOE abilities. Inquisitor Tormentorum is another tricky one, as he can lock you out of one of your rotation spells and make the fight significantly more difficult unless players are aware of when his lockout ability is up.


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