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LoL World Championship: H2K vs ANX

The final quarterfinal match was played yesterday, with EU's H2K taking on Russia's ANX. The unheard of Russian team had made waves this worlds, beating the ROX Tigers during groups and qualifying for the quarterfinals as second place in their group ahead of EU's #1 seed G2 and NA's #2 seed CLG. Read on to find out how they fared in their games. Spoilers are ahead for all the quarterfinal match results. 

Picks & Bans

The series was so lopsided, that there isn't much to talk about. ANX made poor picks and bans, and their lanes just couldn't handle the pressure that Jankos brought from the jungle. It was very perplexing, with ANX refusing to ban out Zyra despite her incredible dominance this worlds and both teams picking almost identical compositions all three games. It is a bit worrying that H2K don't play Jhin, as they'll have to ban him out against SSG in their semifinals matchup.

H2K Winning against ANX
H2K wins!

Laning & Rotations

Once again, H2K played well enough to be head and shoulders above their competition and amass a seven game win-streak going into the semifinals against SSG. They won their lanes pretty handily against ANX, but SSG won't even be an iota similar to ANX at all. It won't be that easy, as H2K did have some missteps in the game that would have afforded them a more timely or easier victory. Like this Baron call in the first game:

Team Decisiveness

H2K as a team looked good, they looked cohesive. Which is actually pretty scary for any other team that would potentially face them in the semi-finals. However, H2K is facing SSG. Who have been the epitome of consistent team play this entire tournament. They did get routed by TSM in one game of group stages, but aside from that it's been an easy ride for them into the semifinals. H2K at least made calls as a team, and they moved with a purpose around the mini-map against ANX. Their lanes were too far ahead for their mistakes to matter, they need to shore some of them up if they're to stand a chance of making into the finals in Los Angeles. 


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