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LoL World Championships: Finals Re-cap

The final match of the League of Legends World Championship was played in The Staples Center , this past Saturday, October 29th. It featured SKT1 vs SSG, two of Korea's very best this tournament. SKT1 was on the lookout for their third overall and second consecutive championship, while SSG looked to complete their Cinderella story and hoist a hard fought Summoner's Cup. 

Overall, SKT1 proved to be too much for the SSG squad to handle. The series went to the championship rounds, and we got treated to five spectacular games. Even in the final match, it was a matter of inches that ended up costing SSG the victory. The SSG squad has nothing to be ashamed about, and they should be going home with their heads held high. 

Samsung Galaxy Worlds 2016
SSG lost a hard fought series

The series looked to be all but over after SKT1 took the first two games in decisive manner. However, SSG channeled their inner KT Rolster and they almost reverse swept SKT1 out of the finals. Falling just short, after leaving everything on the rift. The match started at 4pm, and by the time the series was over more than six hours had elapsed since the start of the championship. The third game was a 70 minute game, which is not a common occurrence at this level of play. Both teams must have been exhausted and mentally drained. SKT1's championship buff took effect, and Faker took over the fifth and deciding game on the back of some pristine Viktor play. 

SKT1 World Champions 2016
SKT1 hoists the Summoner's Cup

For SSG, all of their players showed up today. However, CoreJJ and Cuvee really stood out and hopefully they have a bright future ahead of them in the LCK next season. You could see after the match that they respect SKT1 immensely, and SKT1 reciprocated that respect when they went over to bow heads to their defeated opponent.

SSG really did have a very good chance to win the series. In the first game SKT1 dodged the bullet a couple of times, and escaped skirmishes with slivers of health. You could tell it rattled SSG, and they dove just a little bit farther and took one too many turret shots in the series after that. SSG also proved resilient, taking SKT1 to lengthy games; and pulling out victories when they needed to the most. 

With the championship now heading into hiatus, and the pre-season changes upon us. There's a ton of talk on social media on what the next year of League of Legends will bring us. There is talk of having ten total bans in the game, and there are multiple changes to both assassins and the jungle. Whatever the changes end up being, we hope they make next years finals as exciting as this one. GG to SSG, and congratulations to SKT1!

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