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LoL World Championship: Semifinals Re-cap

The semifinal matches took place over the course of Friday and Saturday in Madison Square Garden in New York City. The ROX Tigers took on SKT1 on Friday and SSG took on H2K on Saturday. Read on to find out how the teams fared, and who moved on to play in the grand finals on October 29th in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. DVS Gaming will be there, look for our logo around the stadium!


What a series! If you've even been curios as to how League is supposed to be played, just watch this five game series. Both teams came out swinging, and they had to go to a full five games to decide the series. Ultimately, SKT1 came out ahead. They had to work hard for their victories however, as ROX pulled out all the stops in an attempt to dominate the bottom lane. Their answer to the much sought after Zyra support was AP support Miss Fortune. Her "Make it Rain" ability applies a hefty slow, procs her thunderlords and is just an overall bigger nuisance in lane than Zyra's plants. It was played to perfection by the ROX support, Gorilla, and it was banned the rest of the series for ROX after winning a couple of games.

SKT1 have Faker, and he was the difference maker this series. ROX Jungler, Peanut, also deserves and honorable mention. The guy played his heart out this series, but he wasn't able to influence his lanes enough to pick up the victory. Bengi came into this series off the bench, put on his carry pants and took SKT1 to the finals off the back of an impressive Nidalee and a stellar Lee Sin. It's looking like SKT1 will be the first ever back-to-back world champion.

SSG vs H2K

We had H2K making it out against SSG and facing off against ROX in the finals. All that has now gone to shit. H2K winning was a bit of a stretch, but we thought they had the laning chops to pull ahead of SSG early enough to disrupt their gameplan. H2K DID get out out their laning phase with leads, but they really didn't know what to do with them. Jankos proved himself to be a world class jungler, while Forg1ven's play wasn't very good at all. Ryu's nerves seemed to get the better of him, and Odoamne showed up to play, but he was still out-classed. The support matchup also favored SSG, as Vander wasn't able to deal with the pressure coming from Ruler and CoreJJ. Overall, H2K's drafts were stale, and they never adapted properly in the three game sweep. Reddit analysts are saying that since H2K's road to the semi-finals was so easy, that we never really got to see how they stacked up against Korean competition. Ultimately, it just means that the Western teams as a whole are still miles behind the Korean teams facing off in the finals. 

CoreJJ, SSG Support

SSG has made it through. However, they did fall behind early to H2K, but they didn't get punished for it. SKT1 will not make the same mistake. We sincerely hope that SSG have another miracle run in them and they can push the series to five games. That would be stellar. Otherwise we're in for a boring 3-0 world championship finals match. 

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