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League of Legends Adds 10 Champion Ban System in Pro Play

With more than 120 Champions, Riot's popular MOBA has finally conceded to adopting a 10 champion ban system and revamping the draft in the LCS. 

The seatin at the NA LCS studios
The seating at the NA LCS studios

Fans of the LCS had clamored that the current 6 champion ban system was antiquated and that it didn't reflect the proper percentage of champions that should be banned in competitive play. Lots of comparisons were drawn between Dota 2 and LoL, and how Dota has long had a 10 champion banned system along with a different banning format:


Now, LoL has changed up its drafting system as well:


This means that for LoL, its time has finally come in competitive play. Fans of the game have been waiting for a change to both formats for a long time, and many of us think that this pick and ban system will open up the LCS meta, which has been lacking champion viability diversity the last couple of years. Hopefully, this will also encourage more diverse team-oriented builds within the game and allow for an even more entertaining LCS season. 

Riot did mention that there are talks to bring this format to ranked play, but that there are obvious concerns with match length and queue times. We totally understand Riot's concern, but it would be helpful to the game to at least have a 5 champion ban system, and not adapt the actual champion draft. That way more of the stronger champions are off the table, and the playing field is leveled off somewhat on the lower tiers of play. 

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