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Junkertown Release Date, ‘Really Important’ Lore Revealed

The addition of Junkertown gives us even more information about what happened during the Omnic Crisis.

Junkertown, Overwatch’s latest map has been testing on the PTR and so far, players love it. The new escort map is set to launch on the live servers on September 19th for all platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PS4. As an escort map, players will push a payload through the city to the delivery point, using the landscape for cover and vantage points over the enemy. According to the preview footage, the full release of the map should also include a change to the controversial Junkertown sign, which sparked some debate online about Blizzard’s disregard for cultural accuracy.

The new map is also chalked full of “really important information”, according to the team. Junkertown is a map that is full of lore to add to the Overwatch story, and more specifically, to the gruesome twosome known as Junkrat and Roadhog. Previously, we had only known that the two were thieves who worked together after the omnic crisis, with a keen interest in explosives.

The developer explains that Junkertown was created after the Australian government allowed omnics to settle at a site near the country’s ominums (robotic factories). This decision was controversial as it displaced so many of the people who already worked and lived there – including solar farmers – like Roadhog. The misplaced group fought back, retaking the location by blowing it up, before going on to build Junkertown amidst the wreckage.

Blizzard even reveals the ‘making-of’ process behind the map. The Overwatch team went to an abandoned ghost town that was so quiet, the team could record a variety of sounds, such as a hand-crank which helped them make the sounds of the payload being moved. The developer even says that Junkertown’s restaurants and stores were designed to make players want to visit and eat there themselves. The sounds of buzzing flies (also recorded at the real-life ghost town) might make it a little hard to stomach a meal there, though.

In other Overwatch news, it’s been a wild couple of months, what with the new character buffs to Roadhog, Orisa, Junkrat, D.Va and Mercy, the addition of a new map and game modes, as well as a new ban system. It seems like there is always something interesting being tested on the PTR, making Overwatch a game that players can always find something new to love about it.

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