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It’s Time To Cut a Rug and Boogie Down in WoW

Auction House Dance Party, WOW, Blizzard

Play that funky beat in the Auction House and dance the night away with your friends and guild.

In Wow’s newest update (7.2.5), Blizzard has added a new micro holiday named The Auction House Dance Party. Upon entering the building in either Stormwind and Orgrimmar, players will notice that the auction house has been transformed into a discotheque. Though the transformation is mainly to have a fun while playing, a player will be called onto the stage every so often to dance and gain a full 24 hour buff.

On top of The Auction House Dance Party, there are a few other micro holidays on the way. One mentioned is The Trial for Style that will give participants a theme and a few minutes to dress up their character with the available options before walking down that catwalk like Right Said Fred.  The crowd will then cast their vote and winners will receive tokens that can be used to purchase real Transmog gear. There are other class updates coming as well, focusing mainly on Brewmaster Monks, Discipline Priests, Enhancement Shaman, Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues, Arms Warriors, and all Warlock specs.

Auction House Dance Party, WOW, Blizzard

For those that have finished The Pet Battle Dungeon in the Wailing Caverns, there is a new Pet Dungeon available. Head over to Breanni in Dalaran to start. There are a few other things that are currently being worked on. Black Temple Timewalking is still available, but it has been noted this hasn’t gone through any fine tuning yet.

Have you been able to dance the night away? What do you think of the new micro holidays? Do they help break the mundane grinding that happens sometimes in WoW?  Let us know in our discussions and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter!

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