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How World of Warcraft Changed My Life

Prince Arthas

World of Warcraft has changed many of our lives. Some for good, some for bad. For me, it changed my life for the better.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child (no older than 5 or 6) and put on Ritalin. Fast forward years later, I was 16 years old and diagnosed with Manic Depression. This is basically Bipolar Disorder and my life went on a downward spiral of depression, suicide attempts, and loneliness. No one knew how to necessarily help me. I even became the girl your parents only warned you about. The one who didn’t care about anyone who would cheat on their boyfriends. I was not a good teen or a good adult at first. Going through a divorce of an abusive husband, my life at 23 was literal hell. I felt like there was no hope for me.

Presents, World of Warcraft

I met my current husband (at the time fiance) just shortly before I started playing WoW and I was pregnant with his daughter. What made this different than any other relationship I had been in? I loved him with all my heart, I wanted to change, and I just didn’t know how.  It got to where when he was home, I wanted all his attention on me. He wasn’t allowed to play games with my dad but it was because I would get bored and I wanted his time and attention on me.

Soon, he got me The Sims 2. This kept me occupied, but only for a little bit. He went to the bookstore and came home with $500 worth of books for me that he knew I’d love. He said this should occupy me while he was deployed for 6 months. It worked, But soon, the books were done and read. Finished all of them in about 2.5 months, he didn’t take into consideration the fact I am a very fast reader. I grew bored again. I started seeing a psychiatrist who gave me a more lucrative diagnosis. He told me I was bipolar and after my daughter was born, started prescribing me meds.

Sims 2
The Sims 2

My dad comes in my room (we lived with him since we were moving in a couple years at that point anyways), he tells me “if you ever want to” and sets a disc on my bookshelf. I glance at it thinking nothing of it. At this point, me and my husband had been married a couple months and he had gotten deployed for another six months. With a baby to care for and no job of my own, I grew very bored with my life.

I am not sure if it is fate or not. My daughter was sleeping so I went to take a shower, checked on her, then went to see if I had an unread book and the disk fell on the ground. I had a cheap little computer, but it worked for checking my email. I picked up this disk and the price tag said $1.99 and “World of Warcraft: Trial Edition“. I put in my computer to install it. This began my journey to my new world. I never played an MMO like this before. I might’ve played The Sims Online when it existed, but this game was really different. I had 14 days to try this game out. Keep in mind, this was back in 2007 where you could buy the trial edition on a disk and things were done very differently back then.

Stormwind Dwarven District

On those 14 days, I played a couple times. I liked the game, though I wasn’t in love with it. My husband returns, we go to Baltimore for a family day cruise his ship is having. While we were there, I remember telling my dad “I like the game, I think I’ll play it when we get home”. We arrive home a week later, and load it up to find out that the time expired. I remember telling my dad “But, how can my time be up? I only played it twice. It said I had 14 days.” My noobish moment started right there. My dad laughed and explained how that worked. I needed to purchase the game and get some time on it.

I head out to the local Wal-Mart and purchase the game. I come home, load up WoW, get it all set up. All of a sudden, I changed. I began to focus on things, not just WoW. When I was doing housework, I was able to actually focus on that. Though my brain would be like “if you hurry up and get your housework done, then you can play some WoW before your daughter wakes up”. I became the typical housewife, and I would cook, clean, take care of the kids. Soon, my husband would join me in World of Warcraft as would my dad, my sister, and my brother. My dad might have gotten me into the game, but he started playing more when I got in it. Everything fell into place.

I even grew more focused on my marriage. My husband was at first afraid of me leaving him for someone I met in wow, but only because his friend had that happen to him. Eventually, my husband grew to realize that I was not going to leave him for someone I met in a video game and that I was different from his friend’s wife. I eventually went back to school, and I attribute my ambitions to World of Warcraft. While the game might be old to me sometimes, I still hold it on a pedestal.

World of Warcraft helped to change me by offering me its fun and glorious world. I’m still bipolar and I still take medications, but I work, I graduated from college, I have 3 children, and I just recently celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary. I still hold World of Warcraft responsible for this, as it changed me from a girl who did not care about anything to a woman who cared about everything (including the game and her family).

Has World of Warcraft changed your life? Was it good or was it bad? Tell us your story in the comments or on the forums! We’d love to hear from you.


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34 years old, with a passion for playing video games., My primary video games are World of warcraft & The Sims 4, but I enjoy trying out new games, my husband is a disabled vet. Been married for 10 years, have 3 children, 4 cats, 1 dog, I live in Hampton, VA attended DeVry University for a bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design & Development with a focus in Graphic Arts & design