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How to BE PREPARED for 7.3

Patch 7.3 is going live in World of Warcraft on August 29th, here are a few ways to get ready and things to know!

The first thing to remember is to relax, there is a lot to do on Argus, and a lot to know. You do not want to go into this patch overwhelmed, so here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself.

  • First, let me start off with things you should stock up on and save, Order hall resources are a big thing, You will need these to upgrade and purchase newer and stronger champions. So, I suggest farming as many as possible now, do your world quests even if it isn’t that factions emissary day, you will not regret the time you put into doing them.
  • Save all your relics 910 +, they will be useful for the Netherlight Crucible, ( of course only the ones you have slots for in your weapon, holy weapons don’t have a blood slot, for example, so they are useless)  you can buy relics (9.32 in video) now from the relinquished items vendor which will be very useful. He is located at the bottom of the Vindicaar, next to the Netherlight Crucible.

  • Hold off on buying gems for now if you can, especially epic ones, because they will have to be upgraded in the patch, it is just a waste of gold to buy right now. If you are a JC, however, you can try to sell as many as you can ( the colored gems ) so they can be used to craft the new gems.
  • Obliterate any items you do not need, Obliterum will be very very useful in 7.3, use that forge in Dalaran as much as possible and save the obliterum you receive. Buy it if you’d like on the Auction house, but refrain from selling it just yet. it will be worth more in 7.3 and you may need it for crafting.

  • Gathering professions will be useful in 7.3, so for all you gatherers,  you will be busy and making a lot of gold. As mentioned in a previous article concerning professions, a shoulder enchants will be added to increase the chance of obtaining Primal Sargarite. Max your professions as much as possible before 7.3.
  • You will want your Waterstrider mount if you have not gotten it from relentless farming in Pandaria, it is worth it to have once again. It is the real MVP in legion as we all know. Also, stock up on Goblin gliders. You’ll be thankful as Argus like the Timeless Isle is a no fly zone.
  • All artifact knowledge is going to be bumped up to 41 and will increase weekly with 0 work, so your alts will be equal in knowledge as your main (which is good for altoholics). Try to make your weapon to level 50 at least, you’ll be happy you did, because the Netherlight Crucible will allow it to go to 75, and you will want that for the Burning Throne raid when it goes live a few weeks after 7.3 is launched.
  • Sell your Augment Runes you get from current raid bosses. There will be a permanent version of them sold by the Army of Light vendor. As you can see below. Also, you may want to save up as much gold as you can to get the Mount Lightforged Warframe, which will be a highly sought out mount in 7.3 I think. I am hoping Blizzard gives us a break and lowers the price from 475 k.

  • Much like in Tanaan Jungle, the rare spawns are on a 24-hour timer. So you can log in at a spawn and kill it and have it be up again in the same spot in 24 hours. Doing so will be beneficial as they drop a lot of Veiled Argunite. Which will be useful if you want or need to purchase Relinquished gear. Be sure to grind the World quests as well, they award a lot of Veiled Argunite.

So there you have it, I am off to do these soon as I can because 7.3 is right around the corner. See you on Argus!

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