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How Mobile Gaming Brings Non-Gamers to the Gaming Community

Mobile gaming has become a sensation over the last decade, and it’s no wonder why people of all ages are more drawn to mobile gaming—the gaming community is huge, and we’re awesome.

If you’re over the age of twenty, you probably grew up with early gaming consoles such as the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, and later, Xbox and PlayStation, but kids today have the first chance of being introduced to gaming through mobile devices. It is common in this day and age to allow young children to have their own phone or tablet to keep themselves occupied with games and videos. This is typically their first encounter with gaming, anything ranging from a simple puzzle game to mobile RPGs. While this typically leads to kids wanting to experience gaming on a console of some sort, there are many people who game solely on their mobile devices.

Mobile gaming has become so advanced that there are games like Grand Theft Auto available to play on mobile. That’s a pretty huge step forward in the world of gaming because it gives people the opportunity to enjoy games that were only available on console. That being said, it makes the gray area even grayer for those who say mobile gamers aren’t “real gamers“. Although this has been argued since the beginning of mobile vs. console gaming, it does draw a question: are mobile gamers still not real gamers if they’re playing the same games as us now? There are many games that are available on mobile nowadays that also have a console or PC version. This is huge in terms of getting people to try console or PC that never have before. This transition has the draw of playing on a bigger screen or playing a full-size version of the game they already love on their mobile device.

Adults that never played video games as kids—whether they weren’t given the opportunity or they just weren’t available at the time—are finding a love for mobile games because it is something that makes their mobile device even more fun and addicting. Among many adults, most popular mobile games are puzzle-based in some way, such as Candy Crush, Panda Pop, Farmville, or Temple Run. This is mainly because they’re simple and don’t require a lot of brain power, they’re addictive, and they are quick to play, meaning the player doesn’t have to get to a checkpoint and save or worry about losing progress—it is just simply a time-killer on their mobile device and nothing more. These are typically the types of people that some will argue are not true gamers, but whether or not that is true, it is still a game. Many mobile games have such large followings that they have communities of own, so what makes them so different than playing an MMO or RPG on console or PC?

While gaming on the go is almost exclusively considered on mobile smart devices, it does cause a rift for those who believe the real “mobile gaming” is that which is played with handheld gaming consoles such as the Gameboy or Nintendo DS. However, it definitely does cause an issue in sales with the bigger handheld console companies when some of their games are available on mobile devices. It’s also typically easier for people to carry just one device with them that does it all, making handheld consoles obsolete for some.

Mobile gaming has become so advanced that we are now able to play many of our favorite games on our mobile devices, and that’s pretty amazing if you think about it. Many of us have obligations during the day that take us away from our beloved games at home, and being able to get that same escape on the go is very important to many people. Even those of us who game almost strictly on console or PC typically have a game on mobile that we choose to play during a commute or even, let’s be honest, on the toilet. Whether or not you believe mobile gaming constitutes as real gaming, there is no question that playing on mobile adds more people to the gaming community that we love. Mobile gaming gives us all something we can relate to and talk about without the interference of politics or everyday stress, and for that we have to give mobile gaming that much respect and recognition.

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