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Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Boss Guide Part 9 – KIL’JAEDEN

Following Part 8 of FALLEN AVATAR guide, here is a walkthrough for the Heroic KIL’JAEDEN encounter in the new raid Tomb of Sargeras.

Kil’Jaeden will be the last boss in Tomb of Sargeras raid that will have three phases with two intermissions phases in between Phase One and Two, and Phase Two and Three. The mechanics that you will need to know for this encounter are pretty basic, but could be deadly when not dealt properly.

Phase One will start until the boss has 80% health. After that, first intermission phase will start with mechanics and boss’s abilities that need to be dealt with. Once intermission phase stops, Phase Two will begin and will continue until the boss has 40% health. The second intermission phase will then start when he hits 40% health with few mechanics, and after that Phase Three will start until the fight is over.

For Heroic difficulty, other than increased damage from the boss’s abilities there are also  few added mechanics that are applied to make the encounter more difficult. Shadow Reflection: Erupting that only appears in Phase Two for Normal difficulty will also appear in Phase One. When those adds spawn, they will buff each other with Eruption if they are within 20 yards apart from one another. Targeted players must make sure that these adds are spawned not too close to each other.

In addition to other mechanics, the raid will also have to deal with Rupturing Singularity during the first intermission. There have been reports of these orbs spawning in the corners of the room, but everyone in the raid still need to pay attention to the locations of their spawns and positioned themselves better so they don’t get knocked off the platform. Focused Dreadflame will also cause splash damage to everyone that get hit by the beam through Focused Dreadburst. Group setups of soakers might need to be done for a large raid group to make sure that no one dies when they are standing in between the boss and the person targeted by the beam.

Tanks will also get a debuff called Shadow Reflection: Wailing in Phase Two. This debuff has a seven second timer and will spawn an add when it expires. These adds occasionally cast Sorrowful Wail, which will deal damage to anyone standing within ten yards. For each of this cast, these adds will get a stacking buff called Crescendo. This buff will increase their Sorrowful Wail by 100% and its radius by five yards. DPS will need to quickly kill these adds before Crescendo buff gets too high. Tanks should be aware that these adds must be tanked right underneath the boss for cleave damage from DPS, and to move them during their Sorrowful Wail casts.

As for intermission two, the mechanics will still be the same in Heroic just like in Normal difficulty. During Phase Three, other than all the mechanics in normal difficulty Kil’Jaeden will also spawn a Flaming Orb on the raid. When it spawns, it will follow a target that is closest to it. The targeted player should kite the Flaming Orb around the edges of the room away from the rest of the group. The orb should never hit the person targeted by it, because on impact it will trigger Flaming Detonation. This spell will deal massive incoming damage to players within ten yards while also creating pools of fire.

If you stand on the pool, you will get a Burning debuff. The size of the pool will be determined by the length of time it took to kite the Flaming Orb before it hits the player and triggers Flaming Detonation. Ideally, a ranged DPS will be kiting the Flaming Orb around the edges of the room as long as possible, and then trigger the Flaming Detonation next to a Tear Rift portal. These rifts will be able to remove the fire pools from the whole platform.

PHASE ONE (100% to 80% )

Once the fight starts, both tanks will need to be standing in front of Kil’Jaeden while everyone else in the raid will have to position themselves around the room. Melee would be standing right behind him, and ranged will be somewhat scattered around the room. The first ability that the boss will do is Felclaws. When Kil’Jaeden has three stacks of this buff, tanks will need to taunt switch. Tanks should never face the boss’s face to the raid, as it could wipe the raid quickly with his massive buffed damage.

Kil’Jaeden will also be casting Rupturing Singularity. It will be a purple orb that spawns from above, and will knock the players back from their positions. When this ability is first cast, it will spawn in the middle of the room. You will have to make sure that you position yourself correctly, so you don’t get knocked off the platform especially since the knock-back in Heroic difficulty is a little harder. Other than the knock-back, Rupturing Singularity will also deal damage to the whole raid.

The biggest mechanic during the whole encounter will be the Armageddon. After seven seconds, this cast will place red swirls on the ground. There will be some small red swirls and one big red swirl. For Armageddon Hail that is the big swirl, usually the raid will already determine soakers-swaps with damage immunity abilities that will be standing on them. As for small red swirls, anyone can stand in them. If a single meteor lands, it can easily wipe the raid since it will deal massive incoming damage along with a dot to everyone in the raid. If you soak the first round of Armageddon meteor, then you shouldn’t be soaking them again until your debuff is gone.

Three players in the raid will receive a Shadow Reflection: Erupting, and they will spawn adds that the raid needs to DPS down quickly after the debuff expires. These adds spam cast Erupting Dreadflame (interrupt-able). In this Heroic difficulty, each cast of Erupting Dreadflame will also buff other adds with Eruption when they are within 20 yards apart of each other. There are two ways of dealing with these adds. You can stack them together and DPS them down quickly if your raid group has enough DPS before their buffs get to higher stacks. Another way is to separate their spawns by 20 yards apart. With the second option, these adds will die slower but they won’t be buffing each other with Eruption since they aren’t stacked up together.


When the boss reaches 80% health, he will fly up and leave the platform. Most of the time he will be unreachable, and he will also have 99% damage reduction while he is flying above the platform. At this point, the whole raid will be doing a lot of movements with all the mechanics that are happening.

Kil’Jaeden will be casting Armageddon and Rupturing Singularity. This will be dealt the same way as in Phase One. He will also be doing two other abilities. The first one is Bursting Dreadflame. When you are targeted with this spell, you will see a big red circle around you. You will have to move to the edge of the room, away from the rest of the group that are located in the middle. During this transition phase though, Bursting Dreadflame can overlap with Armageddon so everyone in the raid will have to pay attention to their BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods alert to make sure all the red swirls from Armageddon have soakers in them.

The second ability that the raid has to deal with is Focused Dreadflame. This ability will target one person in the raid, and the damage will be shared with everyone else that is hit with it. To make sure the player that is targeted by Focused Dreadflame lives, everyone else in the raid must be group up in between them and the boss. In this difficulty though, everyone that stands within five yards away of each other while helping share the beam damage will also take additional splash damage from the beam. Pre-determining “beam soaker group” can be ideal if you only want some people to soak the beam damage so that not too many people get the splash damage.

Since Armageddon will also be happening at the same time as Focused Dreadflame, the people that are not setup in the “beam soaker group” must make their way to soak them. You will want to make sure players with damage immunity abilities are available to be standing in the big red Armageddon swirl.

PHASE TWO (80% to 40% )

Abilities in the second phase will be a combination between Phase One and Intermission One. There will be Felclaws, Armageddon, Rupturing Singularity, Bursting Dreadflame, Focused Dreadflame, and Shadow Reflection adds. Most of these abilities will be overlapping at some points, so everyone in the raid will have to pay close attention to the alerts. DBM and BigWigs can tell you beforehand what abilities are going to come next.

It is highly recommended that you save Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism for Phase Two, especially with all overlapping abilities. You would want to DPS the boss down as much as you can so you can get into Intermission Two as soon as possible. You will also want to make sure before all the abilities and spells are cast, you are well prepared for them with the help of your addons. When the Shadow Reflection adds and Focused Dreadflame are cast at the same time, the people that are targeted by Shadow Reflection: Erupting spawn the adds grouped up on one of the bosses side. This is done to leave one empty side for “beam soaker group” to soak the beam damage. Having the adds on one side of the boss’s leg will keep players trying to kill adds to get hit by the beam accidentally.

As mentioned above, a new Shadow Reflection add needs to be dealt with in Heroic mode. The add needs to be tanked, has a large amount of health, and has an ability called Sorrowful Wail. The moment this add spawn, all DPS should switch to it and DPS it down as quickly as possible to prevent Sorrowful Wail‘s radius to get bigger with more damage done to the raid.

Once Bursting Dreadflame and Armageddon overlaps, this should be dealt with just like in the Intermission One phase where targeted players that have Bursting Dreadflame debuff. They will have to move out to the edges of the room (away from the red swirls) while people without the debuff should be soaking damage from the Armageddon swirls. On Focused Dreadflame and Rupturing Singularity overlaps, make sure the player that is targeted by the Focused Dreadflame along with the soaker group to be ready. The Rupturing Singularity usually comes few seconds after that. If you are positioned badly, most likely you will get knocked off the platform and die.

Worst combination of overlaps that might happen simultaneously is when Focused Dreadflame happens almost together with Shadow Reflection adds and Armageddon. When this happens, adds should still be stacked on the boss so melee can cleave them while Armageddon soakers will still need to stand in red swirls. You can always let the targeted Focused Dreadflame player to die and battle-res them afterwards. If they happen to have an ability that can make them immune to damage, then they can use that to stay alive.


When you hit 40% health, Intermission Two will begin. Make sure that there are no adds during this phase. If you still have any adds up, DPS will need to quickly kill them before all other mechanics start.

During this phase, you will start by being in the dark where you won’t be able to see anything. You will get a debuff called Deceiver’s Veil, restricting players with their vision and affect players with Choking Shadow. You won’t be able to heal or damage anything that is eight yards away from you. To remove this effect, you will have to find Illidan. He is usually located on the edges of the platform. He will then cast a “dot” on you called Illidan’s Sightless Gaze. This is a 20 seconds buff where you will be able to target players or enemies within 40 yards, but you will also take incoming fire damage every second. If the “buff” runs out though, you will have to go back to Illidan and get it again.

To find Illidan, hunters and feral druids can use track humanoids. After that, they can ping on the minimap for everyone to also move to Illidan. Since everyone in the raid will have a heal absorption shield, and healers won’t be able to heal because of the debuff; it is highly advised that everyone save at least one personal cooldown to deal with the incoming damage.

The moment healers find Illidan, few of them can chain healing cooldowns to heal the raid back up again. All DPS should be killing all the adds until all of them are dead. They can be stunned and gripped, which makes them easier to stack especially if you have DKs in the raid (a little easier if you have a DK tank to mass grip them).


Once you clear all the adds during Intermission Two, Phase Three will begin. The moment Kil’Jaeden appears and comes back to the platform, he will start casting Darkness of a Thousand Souls. This ability will deal massive incoming damage to everyone in the raid while also applying a permanent debuff. The raid can stack underneath him to be easier to heal, and players can use abilities like Darkness for DHs or other remaining personal cooldowns to mitigate the damage.

After that he will cast Tear Rifts. This will cause a rift to spawn at the edge of the room and you will have to use it to deal with Darkness of a Thousand Souls or Flaming Orbs. Getting too close to the rift will apply Gravity Squeeze on you. If you don’t move out of it, the damage from the dot duration will most likely kill you. Other than dealing with Darkness of a Thousand Souls cast, you shouldn’t be standing inside the rift. To prevent the missiles damage from Darkness of a Thousand Souls though, you will need the Gravity Squeeze debuff on you. You can step inside the rift and move out after the cast ends.

For the Heroic difficulty, the boss will spawn Flaming Orb that will target the closest player to it. That player will then have to move away and kite the orb as much as they can. A player with high mobility is usually chosen to be the one closest to the orb and they can kite the orb around the edge of the room.

On impact, the orb will trigger Flaming Detonation where it will spawn a pool of fire on the platform. The size of the pool will depend on how far the orb has been kited. Upon impact, the explosion will also deal damage to anyone within ten yards of the orb. If the pool spawns close to the rift, then the pool will also get sucked into it too.

The last ability that will periodically spawn on the platform is Demonic Obelisk. These obelisks will shoot out beams when it detonates. For this difficulty, anyone caught in it will get one-shotted and die. During this last phase, the boss will still use Bursting Dreadflame along with Focused Dreadflame so you will always have to pay attention to those abilities too.

After the whole fight is over, you will also get a cool Argus cinematic! We hope that this walkthrough can help you with the encounter. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments box below. Don’t forget to join us on FacebookTwitter, and Discord!