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Hearthstone Announces Newest Expansion ‘Knights Of The Frozen Throne’

Hearthstone is cooling off this summer with their newest expansion, called Knights of the Frozen Throne inspired by the northern home of the undead Scourge, Northrend.

Rumors of the return of the Lich King in Hearthstone have been put to rest as Blizzard officially reveals Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne. With a handful of new cards and a tease of what’s to come in August: heroes turning into Death Knights with new hero cards and quests that send players through the Lich King’s Ice Crown Citadel.

As with most major Hearthstone expansions, it will add 135 new cards to the game, but this marks the first time in the game’s history where Blizzard has released two full-size expansions in a row. Previously, the developer has split up major expansions with smaller “adventure” sets that added around 40 cards each. As announced earlier this year, Blizzard is doing away with the concept of stand-alone, paid adventure sets. Instead, beginning with Knights of the Frozen Throne, every expansion will include free single-player missions of the variety that used to exist in those adventures.

There are two major focuses in Knights of the Frozen Throne: the new effect Lifesteal and the new hero cards. The Lifesteal effect, which heals heroes for the equal amount of damage a card deals, will be popping up on minion and spell cards in the expansion, including these two new cards:

Knights of the Frozen Throne also introduces the concept of hero cards. Playing a hero card will actually transform the player’s chosen hero character, changing their hero power ability. These changes will all be themed around the idea of transforming the characters into death knights, the fearsome undead warriors of Warcraft lore who serve the titular Frozen Throne.
You can pre-purchase 50 Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs for $49.99 USD and receive the soul-devouring Frostmourne card back now, but the expansion won’t be available for play until early August. Are you excited to face The Lich King himself? Let us know in the comments below and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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