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Have Your First Look At Wild West Online

This is Wild West Online, an online multiplayer game set in—you guessed it—the Wild West.

For PC gamers disappointed by the abiding console focus of Red Dead Redemption games, Wild West Online offers a potential alternative. The multiplayer online game was announced in May by new outfit 612 Games. Today, we saw the first gameplay footage, as well as the launch of an alpha participation offer. So far, the game looks like standard MMO fare, with players taking on kill missions which can be undertaken alone or in groups. There’s also a reputation system in which would-be desperadoes who steal or murder are marked out as bad guys for other players to kill.

Wild West Online hit the headlines in May after one of its developers posted an unnamed screenshot on the game on, leading to speculation that it was a leak of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. Smart marketing or annoyingly misleading? Either way, the move put Wild West Online on the map.

Check out the video below as the executive producer walks us through the basics of the game:

When you arrive in town, you’ll have a few places to visit, such as the clothing store, gunsmith, sheriff’s building, and saloon. You can also catch up on current in-game events and the overall storyline by reading the local newspaper. The clothing store and gunsmith provide you with new gear and weapons for your character, but the main hub is the saloon, where you can take on quests, brawl with other players, or gamble your money away.

With an alpha version ready for the summer, you can expect the beta to follow shortly. Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2Wild West Online is expected to come out sometime before the end of the year. If you want to get in on the early versions of the game, you can pay $40. A $60 investment gets you a head start on the beta as well as the final version of the game. If you want to wait until the title is finished before you play it, you can pay $20.

Wild West Online is due at some stage this year. If it’s something you fancy, you can sign up for its closed alpha and beta testing by visiting its website.

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