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Glory Ridge Now In Open Beta

Oasis Games’ launched the beta of their mobile MMO strategy RPG, Glory Ridge, yesterday. The game is being introduced to the western market, after success overseas.

In a flurry of social media activity yesterday morning, Glory Ridge announced the open beta for iOS and Android for their mobile MMOSRPG game of the same name. The beta was released just days after their introductory announcement, which you can read here, but we’ve already seen glimpses as to what the game looks like on mobile.


The game is being touted as an MMOSRPG, which is definitely a mouthful, but most accurately describes the gameplay. You basically create your own city and get your troops going, and then engage in PVE or PVP combat to basically conquer your adversaries. The game seems to take a different approach by allowing you to choose your hero that leads your troops in battle, similar to Civilization, but  you can select a “marching” hero that goes into battle. You can also equip your hero with different items to increase the strength not only of your units but of your entire army. Check out what we mean in the screenshots below:

As you progress in the game, you’ll find your buildings able to be upgraded as well as your units. You can engage in some massive raid-like PVE boss fights for lots of loot, and the best thing is you can do these PVE battles with other players. The battles are also on different levels, you have the massive wars taking place, but you get to participate in the small unit battles as well. It makes the player feel more involved in the battle, instead of just watching a battle take place with no interaction or control over the result.

Check out the Apple Store or the Google Play one to download. Keep following DVS Gaming for more awesome gaming content.