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Get a Free Hearthstone Card by Signing in this Saturday

This weekend, Blizzard will be giving Hearthstone players a new card this Saturday. Log in and claim your card.

Hearthstone players will be pleased to know that Blizzard announced in a tweet that when they log into their accounts this Saturday, they will be eligible to receive a new card. No catch, just log in and get your new Fight Promoter Card. The Fight Promoter will cost 6 mana, with 4 attack and 4 HP.The Fight Promoter also has a Battlecry effect. It is an ability where a particular effect activates when the card with the Battlecry is played directly from the hand. It states if you have a minion with 6 or more health, you will have the ability to pick up 2 cards. In the post, no reasons or explanations were given for the free giveaway. Some speculate because of the price increase Blizzard have been more generous. Recently it was reported that the newest expansion for Hearthstone, Journey to Un’goro, would cost $400 to own every card within the expansion. Others think it’s to see what incentives work to have a higher login rate.

With Hearthstone just hitting 70 million registered users, Blizzard is constantly thinking of something new to keep players and fans enticed with the game. Hearthstone is a collectible card game that was released back in 2014 and expands on the Warcraft lore. Since its release, there have been a few expansions to increase the size of the cards that are available.

  • Goblins vs. Gnomes
  • The Grand Tournament
  • Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Journey to Un’Goro


There have been several other adventures released with the expansions. As of Journey to Un’Goro, Hearthstone features 1189 cards which can be collected by players. Have you played Hearthstone before? What do you think of the latest expansion? Let us know what you think of it in our discussions and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter!