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Gaming Chair Holiday Gift Guide

Trying to find a comfortable, reliable chair for your budget?

Let's be honest, we will game while sitting on anything. The end of a sofa, on a milk crate, a folding chair, even the simple office chair. However, with the right time, energy, and commitment, you could improve your game and get the right Gaming Chair for you on your budget. Below are some of the chair we recommend that are broken down by budget.

DXRacer King Series Gaming Chairs

Budget: High-End

Brand: DXRacer

Comfort: Excellent (After adjustments to the configuration)

Body Type: Stocky 200-300 lbs (King Series)

Build Quality: Excellent

Est. Price: $469.99 (King Series)
DXRacer King Series Black Angle DXRacer King Series Black

DXRacer is no stranger to gaming communities. You will often see your favorite teams sitting in them in League gameplay. While I had the chance to use a King Series, the entire gaming lineup should be considered based on your body type, weight, dimensions, and your style. The chairs come in several different series and colors. What I love about the DXRacer King Series I am using is that it's highly configurable, has solid materials, and is a very solid and sturdy chair. With 4 directions armrest, height and tilt adjustment and finally the reclining back with quality workmanship. The neck pillow and lumbar pillow are a nice touch and will help your body love it, but your wallet may make a little scream.

These chairs do tend to be on the high price scale, but I consider it more an investment then a purchase. By comparison, there are few makers our there that can demonstrate the level of quality that DXRacer has in their chairs, short of going to a office chair maker.

Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair

Budget: Mid-high

Brand: 4GamerGear

Comfort: Great

Body Type: 200-396 lbs

Build Quality: Very Good

Est. Price: $350.00

AK-6011_Series_Reclined AK-6011_Series_Back
AK-6011_Series_Full Left

The Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series is another mid-level racing style chair that features 2 directional armrest, adjustable seat height, 180 degree reclining back, neck pillow, and lumbar pillow. The real difference here between Akracing chair and the others is the design and colors available. The Metal base with class 4 gas life supports up to 396 lbs and offers another good alternative to the DXRacer and Arozzi gaming chairs.

Those that want quality with but also live on a tighter budget should consider this chair for the premium features and the budget savings.

Arozzi Torretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

Budget: High-End

Brand: Arozzi

Comfort: Excellent (After adjustments to the configuration)

Body Type: Stocky 200-300 lbs (Torretta Series)

Build Quality: Very Good

Est. Price: $279 (Torretta Series)

Arozzi Torretta Back Arozzi Torretta Side Arozzi Torretta Recine Arozzi Torretta front

Arozzi is another higher end PC Racing Style Gaming Chair. The Toretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chairs hold there own against the DXRacer brand and the chairs come in several different series and colors. The Arozzi Toretta Series chairs are highly configurable (like the DXRacer Series chairs), the materials are solid, but the design of the wheels and base are worrisome. They tend to be the biggest point of failure on swivel chairs. Arzzi  Chairs also feature the 4 directional armrest, height and tilt adjustment, and reclining with quality. The neck pillow and lumbar pillow are also part of this series of chairs.

The Arozzi chairs, depending on the Series, can range from $250.00 to $400.00 which makes it a welcome option when looking for a quality PC Chair but trying to save some money. The design and build quality may not be up to that of the DXRacer chairs, but the comfort is there and so is a bit of cost savings.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

Budget: Mid-Level

Brand: X Rocker

Comfort: Good

Body Type: Varies

Build Quality: Good

Est. Price: $200.00

XRocker without Pedestal Xrocker Control panel Xrocker armrest Xrocker Speaker

X Rocker chairs are typically used more in console gaming setups. The chairs feature built-in Speakers, sub-woofer, and built-in controls. The chair is capable of playing wireless audio from the source through the chair. The chief complaints about these type of chairs are that the PU (fake leather) gets hot over time and the chair main structure board in the front of the seat gets annoying if you shift while sitting. The X Rocker can be positioned directly on the floor, or you can mount the pedestal.

The X Rocker is a practical solution for PC and console gaming with some cool perks on at a reasonable cost.

Homall Desk Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office Chair, Racing Style

Budget: Affordable

Brand: Homall

Comfort: Good

Body Type: 150 - 200 lbs

Build Quality: Good

Est. Price: $150.00


Homall is getting a lot of "Racing" style chairs out there, but this particular model was selected for its value, comfort, and design. It offers a swival base, height adjustment, and chair tilt adjustment. I would not recommend anyone with a stocky 200 lbs body type use these chairs, as the plastic base and casters will tend to break due to leverage changes when shifting your body around in the chair. I did own this chair for 4 months and love it and the comfortable feel of sitting in it for gaming. I found, however, I was willing to spend more to get a better design and more features. That said, this is a great budget gaming chair that will help you have an enjoyable gaming experience.


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