Registration Terms

Please take a moment to review the rules and requirements detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Submit Application" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.

We are a community comprised of members from many generations, cultures, and walks of life. All of DVS' communication mediums are moderated. This does not mean we limit the wide array of language and thought found within our community. Nor does it mean we are responsible for anything said or done by one of our members.

Any communication, on any medium, expresses the views of the person from which it came. The views of this community are not necessarily reflected by the communication. Any member who feels another member is communicating in a way that is objectionable is encouraged to seek out the assistance of an officer. We reserve the right to decide (and change that decision upon further review) the removal or change of any communication or persons from any medium.

You agree, as an applicant and/or member of this community to treat others with respect. "Others" include other members of this community, community leadership, and other communities. You represent more than just yourself through your words and your actions. You will be representing the rest of your community, and its sponsors. Anything deemed disrespectful, or in violation of any law, will be dealt with swiftly, and with great severity.

You agree not to infringe any copyrights, contracts, or other legal regulation in any way that involves this community.

Your involvement in the community is subject to monitoring and recording. You or your activity within the community may be recorded with or without your consent. This includes, but is not limited to, streaming, server usage, voice & text communications.

If your application is accepted, you also agree to follow any further rules & guidelines as defined by the community officers.

If at any time our rules or guidelines are broken, you may be subject to punishment. Punishment may include, but is not limited to, restricted access, removal from events, demotion, or even referral to law enforcement in extreme cases.