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  4. tag is timp3068#1434 if needed for WoW or D3.

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  6. xb1 american much has been improved since runnig PvP with DVS crew on PC. I beta 1,2,3 and alpha 1,2 tested on PC. I get all dlc for free on PC but not anyother platforms. I got a in game monkey pet to show off. add me if you'al like. I PvP and PvE....etc
  7. Thanks dude! Come for the articles, stay for the fun. Join our community discord!
  8. Great interview and managed to get some good info out of Chris on the Beta access - thanks for doing that!
  9. Hey guys I'm NyeBladez or Shaun Im a PS4 Player I play Rainbow Six Seige, Call of Duty Infinite warfare, Ark Survival Evolved, GTA 5, Warframe and Dying Light soon to be adding Tom Clancy's Wildlands and sniper ghost warrior 3 to that list and am looking to join a Ark Tribe ASAP
  10. Hi I am currently in a mega tribe and I am looking to help DVS expand their name on Ark for Xbox one, we are already in a mega alliance but wish to join a DVS one.
  11. Still Open? Willing to join please respond with server info and contact info thanks
  12. Hey Looking to start an official DVS tribe on a server Trying to retake the server from an Alpha tribe bully. Also looking to establish dominance over the tribe to create a new Alpha tribe. Quick lvls and everything is boosted greatly. Should be able to reach lvl 60 - 80 within 1-2 hours of play My steam name is FlameDra9on Will create a discord
  13. hey, I just saw this thread, I joined server 586, what all would I need to do for recruitment? thanks, big
  14. Midnight Massacre has recently reformed, we where all part of a guild with soem very questionable morals so we thought it was our time to move on. Many of us love to raid, do mythic+ and pvp, so if you are on bolderfist and any of the sister servers we would love to have you. All players welcome! Out raid times are currently Monday and Weds, 8pm server till 10pm server As of right now we are working on helping one of our tanks gear by running Heroic EN, and hope to dive into Nighthold come first or second week of february. If you have any question feel free to either leave a comment here or shoot me a message online. Real ID is Linneus#11441 Character name is Elryk or Kaldeum
  15. anypne got a dedicated server on xb1 if so hmu the server name and password at gt: wolf wubsy
  16. Hey I was wondering how I can get on the Discord server? The link is not active. Nevermind
  17. I'm back guys. Long time no see

  18. Is there anyway I can join?
  19. I just started playing Ark after playing a demo at PAX West! I ended up on a modded PVE server with an old online friend, but would like to join up with DVS somewhere! I don't see an Ark Discord channel, and I'm wondering is there still an active contingent of DVS members playing? This would be on PC... Thanks!
  20. Does DVS still use Discord? If so, can someone provide a current link please? The one in this post and in the Facebook group has expired. Thanks! Nevermind, I found the widget on the main page and connected that way!
  21. Yo, where the hell have you been?  I haven't seen your asses in ages!        Oh wait I've been the one gone.   I've been on ps4 running an ark tribe under DVS's name server 586 if you know anyone who might want to join it.  I replied to a couple forums post already. Aslo, I don't have my pc anymore, my gpu finally went out, so I'm working on rebuilding it. So for the mean time Ima be over here on ps4 trying to spread some DVS love on 4Honor and Ark.

  22. We currentlt have a tribe on server 586, it is an EU Official PvP server but we are the alpha tribe by far. Tribe name is Devious Ark, my character name is
  23. I was just wondering if there was any tribes on ps4. If so lmk
  24. Hey I'm Warrenos! if you haven't seen me around on the discord or in game on Archeage/SWTOR, then you probably dont know me. I mostly play in the Archeage guild and I joined DVS a while back (I think 2014). I first started playing in the Honorguard Guild which became Resurgence, and I'm starting fresh on a new server. If you see me around, yes, I am a veteran, but It's been a while since i last was with DVS, so if I act noobish, its probably because i dont remember all the mechanics of it. If you see me on the discord, say hi and I'll play my favorite song for you!
  25. Just introducing myself, I'm Amanda I'm the new guild master for the guild and we are still going strong! Everyone is welcomed!
  26. Hey man I cant find you on steam not seeing a crusader
  27. Hello, thank you for clicking on this post if you are interested in joining our tribe please add me on steam. IGN: Slic {the one with the crusader picture} You will need to have discord so we can fill you in on what is gonna happen as a recruit for the tribe. Thank you
  28. I'm active loyal. Good at grinding and base building
  29. server 3 already owned by someone else so i can't transfer my dinos, i only have 3 dinos left at server 3 every obelisk have more than 100 turret so i can't transfer even if i want to, i don't know DVS tribe at server 3 become like that since i and Ace not play anymore
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