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  2. Hey man I cant find you on steam not seeing a crusader
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  4. Hello, thank you for clicking on this post if you are interested in joining our tribe please add me on steam. IGN: Slic {the one with the crusader picture} You will need to have discord so we can fill you in on what is gonna happen as a recruit for the tribe. Thank you
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  6. I'm active loyal. Good at grinding and base building
  7. server 3 already owned by someone else so i can't transfer my dinos, i only have 3 dinos left at server 3 every obelisk have more than 100 turret so i can't transfer even if i want to, i don't know DVS tribe at server 3 become like that since i and Ace not play anymore
  8. Horder Faster Deeper has opened recruitment in preparation for Nighthold! We're currently seeking one healer (non Druid or Paladin pref) and dps (ranged pref but we will also consider melee). Our raid days are Fridays and Sundays from 8 - 11pm EST. Check out our section here on the forums or feel free to message us in game! Go Horder, go Faster and definitely go Deeper, Lok'tar friends!
  9. Hey, what happened to the Dvs Ark tribe? Anyone still playing? Pretty sad to learn they don't exist anymore when the actual real launch/wipe is coming soon.

  10. Hey Hubert, you know you can simply upload your old character instead of creating a new one right? You can upload your stuff if you have anything remaining as well. Do you know why such a big tribe as DVS wich had so much attention on youtube being said they were the top dog just quit the game?
  11. i think we need play at server SE first if u want to make huge tribe, we need wyvern
  12. What server and how do we join like whats your steam name etc? And the rules
  13. Hi, I am currently searching for a tribe on ps4 (EU). I played around in local modus and am now looking for a PvP Server. PSN: YonbiSongoku
  14. i know this is super late. but currently DMing for Storm Kings Thunder. absolutely loving it! must say though... ive killed the healer in the party like 3 times now
  15. Hey! Im Daniel and i come from sweden. I googled teamfinder and came to a site where i got here. I would like to join the csgo team but i dont know why. Im 15 years old and im very mature for my age. Please help me if anyone knows and i'll see you soon
  16. i'm already make a new char at server 85 and i have a tribe member about 6 and not dvs and they are newbie so i need to teach them and i need help to make this DVS name heard again at ARK.
  17. when i first time play ark at server 3 with Ace (DVS-Acerola) and i play there until DVS tribe become big and Ace rule the sea.. i really miss playing together as DVS big tribe and i don't know anything about a civil war between DVS at server 3 and the other DVS server, i hope we all can play together again. (i'm sorry, i'm not really good with english. Usually Ace do the talking) edit: just post some old screenshot from 1 year ago
  18. there's no more dvs tribe at ark, mostly all gone so we need make new tribe and post to this forum and hope someone will join.. tell me if u want to try make tribe at official server
  19. Have you got in contact with Dvs? i've player like you so many hours then took a break until actual full release of the game. Now that this time is soon i want to get back to the game get used to the new content of the last months and show that i can help and put the hours in building a strong tribe from day 1 of the upcoming spring release let me know please. thanks!
  20. Hi, what happened to the DVS Ark Survival tribes? I thought DVS had huge alpha tribes on official? I played well over 1500 hours then took a break until the official release. I'm now looking to go back into the game to get ready for the actual Spring real launch. Where can i find the DVS tribe to talk to them about joining?
  21. sure just go to server 3 ask with noxus tribe, there just 2 member now. i'm still at dino humper (last dvs tribe) and i will supply from this tribe storage..
  22. Could I join ya guys
  23. want to try go to server 3? i still have 12k narcotic and many more from the last dvs tribe there
  24. do we play on ps4
  25. You´re welcome! And yes - $69 packages have test access, since couple weeks ago.
  26. where? i am still at server 3, just got back from hospital 3 days ago.. i'm not playing at server 3 about 1 year.. where are the others?
  27. i'm trying to revive server 3 but i'm not admin anymore and i can't get out from my own room
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