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For Azeroth Event Extended to March 26

Tyrande Heroes of the Storm
Tyrande Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has extended the Heroes of the Storm event to March 26th after it was accidentally closed hours earlier than intended.

The event was due to end last Tuesday, March 14, however, it ended prematurely leaving players unable to complete the challenge. Players racing to finish their quest were disappointed when the event ended early. Blizzard apologized for the error and have reactivated the event for another week to make up for it. You will now have until Sunday, March 26th to complete it and any progress you have made so far will be kept.

Primal Flamesaber Mount, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, For Azeroth
Primal Flamesaber Mount

The For Azeroth event was a quest that encouraged World of Warcraft players to try Heroes of the storm. By completing matches using WoW heroes you can unlock goodies in both WoW and Heroes of the Storm including the Primal Flamesaber Mount. If you are after this quest, you must team up with another player and play a Warcraft hero. Your friend may play any character, unless they want to complete the quest as well, and you don’t even have to win to still gain quest credit.

  • Quest
    • Complete 15 Heroes of the Storm matches with a friend while playing as Warcraft Heroes, before the event concludes.
      • Players who select Warcraft Heroes will earn quest credit regardless of which Heroes their friends choose, but remember, credit is only granted to those playing Warcraft Heroes.
      • Players do not need to complete all 15 matches with the same friend in order to complete the quest.
  • Rewards
    • World of Warcraft: Primal Flamesaber Mount
    • Heroes of the Storm: 10-day Stimpack
    • Heroes of the Storm: Flames of Judgement Charger Mount

If you have not got started or have never tried HotS before check out our Women Of Warcraft guide to help you through. Blizzard has made this one very easy for you to complete. If you need a buddy to play with you can go into New Player channel and request a friend for the WoW quest, and you will receive quite a few responses.

Were you one of the players who missed the original event? Are you excited that they reactivated the event even if for just a week? Let us know in the comments or submit a Screenshot on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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