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Five Required Mods for Getting into WoW PvP

Hone your PvP skills this year with these helpful mods.

Hey there! Ascendancy21 of A21TV here. This is a guide made to help people get the basics needed to maximize their enjoyment with World of Warcraft's PvP. Even if you prefer not to use a lot of mods, these are the bare minimum to be a competent teammate in battles. These mods will help organize your UI, give warnings of cooldowns and CC effects, and give important information which helps decide which action is best to take at that moment. I personally prefer the mods listed below, however versions created by other authors that provide the same functions are perfectly viable choices. Just please make sure to look through the options and use them to full potential. These mods are listed in alphabetical order, not by importance. They are all equally important.

Battleground Targets

Bottom left and middle right frames.

Battleground Targets is crucial for a very long list of reasons. Being able to create a clickable Unit frame containing either Allies or enemies which reveals important information about them allows a skilled user to take advantage of opportunities by actually being aware of the situation in the first place. A small list of ways this mod helps includes...

  1. Seeing HP totals down to the exact percentage.
  2. Seeing if an enemy or ally is within range.
  3. Quickly changing targets or set focus by clicking their bar on the frame.
  4. Seeing If they have their trinket or are holding a part of the objective, such as an orb in Temple of Kotmogu.
  5. Finding the enemy healer, as well get to your own to save.
  6. Seeing if people are focusing the same targets or not.


Copy the options I have checked above, and be sure to set "range" to "STD 100". Don't be afraid to play around with it, I found that one to be couldn't understand the others but the 40 yd distance. The scale, width, and height will all need tuning, the default is not good enough. Make it nice and tall so you can see the icons properly and make them easier to click.

Battleground Defender


This is a very simple and effective mod crucial for rated battlegrounds. This mod detects your location (for example, the blacksmith in Arathi Basin) and uses the numbers 1-5 to call how many are coming to that location with a single click. This lets people in the middle of fights call for help without having to clog voice comms or type in the heat of combat. The "help" option helps clarify if no new enemies have come or if the ones there are posing a strong threat. You do not want to lie and say there are more enemies then currently present, as people will stop caring about your calls like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The "safe" option notifies teammates the situation is under control. Even if the fight is still happening, just letting people know you can handle it is very important. This prevents allies from wasting time to run and help when it was not needed. Safe can also quickly answer the simple question of "are any at (insert location name here)" for allies trying to figure out where to go next.


GLadiatorlosSA real.

This is, hands down, one of the most important mods for WoW PvP. For both arenas and RBGs, this is a core mod. GladiatorlosSA verbally announces threatening actions enemies are taking around you, such as enemies casting high damaging or defensive cooldowns. This mod also announces the casting of important crowd control spells such as cyclone or fear. A perfect example of how this helps would be druids shapeshifting into a bear to avoid polymorph, The mod literally said "poly" so they made sure to be in a form before the cast resolves. In that same scenario a teammate could hear the poly being cast, then quickly switch targets or use a focus macro to interrupt it.

This mod does not require set up to be the biggest change in your play you have ever experienced. The only complaint I ever heard is it not being loud enough, which can be adjusted on the interface/addons menu. Alternate voices are available, but I personally like the default female voice. A lot of your targeting should be based on who has used their defensive abilities already. An example of this would be hearing her say "bubble". I would start looking for the big glowing pally bubble and be ready to burst them when its down. This also helps people get incredibly better at PvP healing by knowing CC has been cast and to dispel it. All the sounds can be overwhelming at first, but are very easy to get used to. If you simply just cannot take it, consider tuning the settings to "target and focus only", or getting rid of words you feel unneeded. I have personally never touched a single setting for this mod once.


GLadius pic

Gladius shares many of the options Battleground Targets offers, but designed for an arena setting. This mod has many shining factors, but two of its strongest are the fact that it tracks diminishing returns (DR) timers, and that you can set your focus from the HP bars it provides. I take advantage of this by using the this macro </clearfocus /focus [@mouseover,exists][@target,exists]> because I want to freely switch my focus around willy-nilly so i can keep my CC rotations on point without breaking my target. Gladius come pretty decent default, but greatly improves with customization. Give it the time it deserves to understand each option, and you will see a strong increase in your arena wins.

Healers Have to Die

healers must die

Another very simple and effective mod which is extremely crucial for PvP. As you can see above, this mod puts an icon over both enemy and friendly healers as well as classes capable of healing. Even with other mods making it possible for you to easily target eneney healers, it is still important to just physically see their location at all times. This helps you CC them easier or get a kill if you see they are unguarded. Healers Have to Die also color codes icons by class to help you know which healer is which.

Cast Bar Mod - Quartz

quartz ss

A mod adjusting the positioning and size of your cast bars is absolutely crucial. Even if you are not a caster, having the target's cast bar be a large bar in the middle of your screen will help land far more interrupts over standard Blizzard UI. The same goes for your focus cast bar, you really want that one to be a giant sucker on your screen. If you have them focus'ed, obviously you are trying to be mindful of that person. Make it easier for yourself to notice dangerous spells flying around so you can handle them with interrupts or defensives, and spend more time focusing on other equally important manners.

Final Thoughts

Its 2017, people! The age of "I don't like to use mods" should be dead in a ditch. Mods are 100% legal, and made for the sole purpose of helping you enjoy the game more. Do yourself (and the world) a favor and take every available option to better your experience with anything you encounter. Most mods come ready to go for casual, but be prepared to spend many hours tuning mods if you intend to PvP competitively. Do not hesitate to trash an entire UI build and start over. Remember, it's better to spend hours fresh with an option you're sure of over trying to doctor up a confused mess.