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Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Piccolo Gameplay

The trailer reveals Namekian Piccolo, a staple of the Dragon Ball anime and video games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has gained considerable attention when it was revealed at E3 2017. While Bandai Namco only revealed a few characters at the event, they have been slowly releasing more and more content for the game as time goes along. The latest addition is Piccolo, who has been prominent in the Dragon Ball manga, anime and many video game series based on the series.

In the trailer, Piccolo shows off his trademark move, Special Beam Cannon, as well as several other special moves. However, the full extent of Piccolo’s abilities is still unclear as both Arc System Works and Bandai Namco are still working on Piccolo (and the game in general). Piccolo could be a solid pick in competitive play if Dragon Ball FighterZ becomes a game to play in eSports.

Previously, we covered the character ratings for each character in Dragon Ball FighterZ. While the ratings are still being worked out and may differ in the final release of the game, Piccolo is considered a very technical character and might be hard to master. This is a testament to Piccolo’s character in the anime. Piccolo has been a participant in almost every story arc in the anime, and as a result, he has a tactician’s mindset as he comments on how powerful certain characters are and often fights enemies far more powerful than he is.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released in February 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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