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Dr. Disrespect Breaks Down In Tears During Stream

Sometimes the softest words can bring the toughest men to a tear.

The well-known streamer “Two Time Back to Back Champion”, Dr. Disrespectful, shared a touching moment with a fan the other day during a stream. The Dr.’s partner, A_Weeb noticed his name and questioned him about his name asking him “Are you Disrespect?” Playing coy, the Dr. just says “he’s a fan.”  Saddened by the news, A_weeb mentioned that the Dr. normally ques for squads, so he wanted to check, but did claim that he was a fan of the Dr.

DrDisrespect then tried to get the dirty details from his fan, asking what A_Weeb thinks about the “Doc”. His partner expresses that he loves DrDisrepect, and the Doc then baits him a little further, commenting about how the Dr can get on “his” nerves once in a while. His partner quickly protests, saying he loves the character. Touched by the kind words, Disrespectful begins to get choked up and takes a moment off-screen, then comes back to wipe his tears.

Dr. Disrespectful has been in the news on a few different occasions, but for different reasons. Previously, Disrespectful was banned from PUBG for team killing. The ban made news int he community and, in lieu of the portrayed character, Disrespectful had a few choice words for Brendan Greene, the creator of the game. But, that didn’t stop the Doc from continuing to destroy young kids in the online gaming community.

In other PUBG news, Fornite has created their own take on the battle royale genre and Bluehole isn’t too happy about that. The reason being that Epic games are the creators of Unreal, the same engine that PUBG uses. They believe that it would create conflict for PUBG especially since PUBG will be coming to the Xbox soon for a timed exclusive before it is released for the PlayStation 4.

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