DVS Verified Streamers

Devious Gaming streamers not only stream to their own channels, but also the DVS Channels.
Our Streamers have their own personalities and rules for their own channels.
This team also reviews games on Stream.

Meet Blue!

He started our Apex chapter in DVS Discord and has become a Team Streamer!


Locale: United States

Favorite games: Conqueror’s Blade, Call of duty, Skyrim, Minecraft. I love all games and I switch it up on the games that I will be playing on stream.

About The Gamer:
I am enrolled in college and in my free time I find myself gaming or running around with my girlfriend. I love snowboarding and I’ve traveled to different places to snowboard. I play games to socialize with people.. I also play games to bring laughter to people around me. Gaming has been in my life longer than a lot of other things. I find myself gaming to escape from reality. Not saying that reality is bad, it’s just in the game in the world. I can have magic and fly and do things that in the world that we live in That can’t be possible. DVS as a community has opened my eyes to games and even further. I’ve met wonderful people in my time at DVS. I recently started streaming January 2021. And I’m loving every minute of it.

Meet Dragon!

Long Time Discord Member, First Time Streamer.


Locale: United States

Favorite Games: Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield, SCUM, Halo, Black Desert Online, War Thunder.

About The Gamer:
I’m a husband a to a wonderful woman who also plays as much as I do as far back as I can remember I have loved gaming and what started it all for me was Mario. What really got me into online gaming was Halo and I have evolved from there since! The reason I stream is simple I love connecting with people and networking with other gamers. Being apart of DVS Gaming has given me a direction and really helped me not only grow as a gamer but also with a great community.

Meet Harle!

One of our lead Staff Members who streams spooky stuff as well as their own weekly podcast The Nore Lore!