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Destiny 2 Has Best UK Physical Sales Of 2017, Still Falls Short of Destiny 1 Sales

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has sold fewer copies than Destiny 1 did during its first week, but has still sold more copies than any other game in the UK in 2017.

Times are a changing, and that’s reflected by how drastically the market is moving to digital purchases over physical ones, even for consoles. In its first week of sales, Destiny 2 has moved 175, 000 copies in the UK, but still didn’t even manage to make up half of what the original Destiny sold in its opening week. That number makes it the highest selling title in the UK for 2017 however, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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The report came from a previously reliable source on Neo GAF, which posted the numbers. Destiny 2’s physical sale numbers have probably more to do with the fact that purchases are now more online than in person, given that Destiny 2 has still taken the #1 place for sales in the UK. Destiny 1’s 417, 000 opening week was over three years ago and didn’t have the impending launch of the game on PC dragging away from sales either. SuperData Research predicted that Destiny 2 would sell between three and five million units in its first three months, on both PC and console.

The drastically reduced number hasn’t affected Destiny 2’s CCU, which hit 1.2 million over the weekend, which indicates people are still buying the game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds only recently cracked 8 figures (and hasn’t dropped below it since). For comparison, Destiny had 3.2 million registered users within a month of launch and made Activision $325 million in revenue. In the same period though, Overwatch had 7 million registered users within a week of its launch.

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