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Destiny 2 Can Be Purchased with WoW Tokens


Do you have any gold laying around or any WoW tokens you haven’t used yet? Are you wanting to get Destiny 2? Continue reading.

Yesterday, during Bungie’s Destiny 2 reveal, they announced that they will be teaming up with Blizzard and releasing Destiny 2 exclusively on PC through Blizzard’s Battle.net. Players will have the ability to purchase Destiny 2 with WoW Tokens. When this news broke, it had an impact on the in-game gold price of WoW Tokens, which briefly spiked to an all-time high in both Europe and North America. According to Wowtoken, token prices hit a peak of 140,171 gold in North America at around 11 pm yesterday (May 18), while in Europe it hit 251,678 gold. Shortly after, however, the prices began to normalize later around 8am.

WoW tokens are items in World of Warcraft that players can buy for roughly $20, AU$25, €20, £15, CN¥75, NT$500, or ₩22,000. Players can then go to the Auction House and sell off their WoW tokens. Players who purchase WoW tokens at the Auction House may use those tokens on their Blizzard balance, so they can have more time in the books, or added to their Battle.net balance. 1 Token is equivalent to $15. Players will also be able to use their in-game gold to purchase WoW tokens, although the prices are set by Blizzard.

This also applies to players who have World of Warcraft gold, including those who no longer have a subscription. They can spend their gold on Wow Tokens as long as they download the game client and log-in. This means that if they’ve already got the virtual funds, hardcore WoW players (current or former) can bag themselves a copy of Destiny 2 for PC at no additional cost. This is big news aside from everything that was released yesterday during the Destiny 2 event, not even to mention this is the first time PC players will be able to experience Destiny. Although there currently isn’t a release date for the PC version, Bungie has noted we should be hearing something within the next coming weeks.

What do you think about the ability to purchase Destiny 2 with WoW Tokens? Do you have any Gold or WoW Tokens laying around? Let us know in the comments, or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!