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Dead By Daylight Weekly Stream #73: Halloween Event Date & Roadmap Announced

We’ve got a confirmed date for the Dead by Daylight Halloween Event, as well as what we can expect in the near future regarding patches and bug fixes.

Things were back to normal this week as Mathieu Cote and Not_Queen (rocking an adorable unicorn onesie) hosted the Dead by Daylight weekly developer stream. Mathieu, Dead by Daylight’s Game Director, spent a few minutes talking about his time at New York Comic Con, expressing what a blast it was and how awesome it was to meet so many fans and the awesome cosplays many players wore to show off at the convention. Mathieu also talked about some of the exclusive merch that was available for purchase at the Dead by Daylight booth, including limited edition Bloodletting high top sneakers, which are still available via Fan Kicks.

In addition to the shoes, an official Trapper mask was unveiled. The Trapper is one of Dead by Daylight’s nine killers who, as his name suggests, uses carefully placed traps to catch his victims. While a time frame wasn’t revealed, it will be available on the official Dead by Daylight online store soon.

Next on the roster, Not_Queen, Dead by Daylight’s Community Manager, began discussing the upcoming Halloween event. An official date has been announced for the week-long event: October 26th – November 1st. 

The devs confirmed that there will surely be a Bloodpoint increase, yet we will have to wait to find out whether it will last the duration of the event or just the weekend. Not_Queen also made sure to note that “there will be no [community Bloodpoint] challenge this time, we just want to have fun…we want to give you guys stuff.” Nothing more was discussed regarding the Halloween event, as the devs want most of the details to remain a surprise, at least until the event gets closer. Many fans are speculating that the Halloween event will also unveil a new Killer in the form of Freddy Krueger, aka “The Sandman”, as a result of datamining.

Next up, the devs talk about the roadmap for the game and what we can expect next, but not necessarily in this order:

It is mentioned several times that while this is a plan for what is going to be addressed the soonest, this is still only a soft plan. Things may not get released in this order, and whatever is done first will be the first to go live. As we all know by now, console players don’t see the updates at the same time as PC, and it is usually a couple weeks behind, at least.

As far as PC goes, it’s got its own roadmap, as seen below. Luckily, the Wraith Cube is higher up on that list that most players were expecting, so it’s likely that we will see that update go live within the next month. If you haven’t heard about the Wraith rework, you can check out those details here.

The developers then moved on to discussing the most prominent issue with the game: bugs. The most common bug players are still facing is the loss of progress bug, which has now been confirmed to have a partial fix. You can see the status of the rest of the bugs currently being worked on below:

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