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Dead By Daylight Weekly Stream #73: Devs Talk Facecamping Potential New Balancing Features

The developers of the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight discuss their thoughts and the facts regarding face camping and what we can expect in the future for a more balanced game.

During today’s weekly developer stream for Dead by Daylight, one of the biggest topics of discussion was facecamping, and how to make the game a bit more balanced for both Survivors and Killers. The Game Director, Mathieu Cote, pointed out that although facecamping is a persistent issue and isn’t necessarily “fair”, there are some things that players have to take into consideration.

For one thing, when a Killer facecamps, that is the player’s choice and how they’ve decided to play the game. Sure, that will be a guaranteed kill, and maybe even two if the Killer is skilled enough to catch another Survivor after camping and allowing the remaining Survivors to rush the rest of the generators. If a player has borrowed time, it’s pretty likely that a facecamp will be unsuccessful anyways, especially with a SWF(Survive With Friends) group.

On the other hand, Killers that facecamp are going to receive far, far fewer Bloodpoints – and that is just a fact. In this week’s stream, we were joined by special guest Thomas De Rego, Dead by Daylight’s Economy Game Designer. Thomas runs the important things behind the scenes like character progression and bloodweb creation. Today, he brought with him the stats regarding facecamping to settle the argument once and for all, check out the tables below.

In this first table, we can see the proof that facecamping pays off if you want to secure ONE kill. When facecamping, a Killer almost never is able to sacrifice a Survivor and capture another Survivor, as displayed by the red bar. Hooked Survivors are usually rescued if a Killer doesn’t facecamp, this is true, but is it really worth it?

Players argue that with the new Victory Cube for Killers, there is even more of an incentive now to facecamp to ensure that they don’t lose a pip. Facecamping does not always ensure that you are going to break even at the end of a match, but as mentioned, you’re giving the rest of the Survivors a chance to gen rush(a very common complaint among Killers). In the same vein, using this tactic is going to yield far fewer Bloodpoints as a result, as seen below:

As you can see, the stark differences in the tables above show that facecamping really isn’t the best strategy if you want to see a solid progression in Dead by Daylight. Week after week, the developers are asked why there isn’t more of an effort made to keep Killers from facecamping, why aren’t campers banned, etc. The answer is simple: it’s their choice to play that way. Is it benefitting them? Well, no, the numbers don’t lie.

Mathieu did acknowledge that whether or not Killers are stepping on their own toes by facecamping, it is a problem for Survivors, plain and simple. The team at Behaviour works endlessly to try to make the game as balanced as it can be, and are always working on new ways to counter issues in the game that players are finding to be plaguing. We were able to see a short clip of something in the works that is designed to counter facecampers – pivoting hooks. Although the devs were all in agreement that the difference wouldn’t be all that profound, and rather useless unless you have Borrowed Time, it is just one of many ideas the team is working on in regards to balancing the game.

An example of the “pivoting hook” feature that is currently being tested.

Moving on from the stats, Mathieu and Not_Queen answered a few fan questions about making the game more balanced. Although most of the grief from the community comes in regard to facecamping, many players also feel that playing as the Killer isn’t fun, especially playing against an SWF group. The pivoting hook idea is one of many to help Survivors counter camping Killers, but what about Killers that go up against a group with 3-4 flashlights? “We are working on that and testing ideas,” the devs said. In addition to making playing as a Killer more fun, the devs confirmed that they are working on more customization options for Killers.

As mentioned in a previous developer stream, there are some ideas on the drawing board such as increased Bloodpoints for Killers who play against SWF groups, but nothing set in stone yet for frustrated Killers. Another point that the team brought up during the stream was the fact that many players have expressed that they don’t prestige their characters because the see no real reason to as the prestige rewards aren’t significant, nor does the Bloodweb offer anything anymore noteworthy than usual. Thomas expressed that it is something that he is working with on his end, and would like players to feel like they have more end-game incentives, such as more rank and prestige rewards to keep players invested in the game.

We’ve heard the developers talk about solutions to facecamping countless times it seems, and we will have to wait longer to possibly see something substantial go live that offers a solution while still keeping the game balanced. Until then, let’s prepare for the upcoming Halloween event and get ready to stockpile all those sweet, sweet Bloodpoints!

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