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Dead By Daylight Guide: The Huntress

Dead By Daylight

The Huntress is a special kind of killer for Dead by Daylight. Her ranged weapon makes her a deadly adversary, but that range comes at a cost.

Playing the Huntress for the first time, you will notice she hums while searching for hiding survivors. Her humming of the lullaby Bayushki Bayu can be heard by survivors between 20-45 meters, while her terror radius begins at 20 meters. Giving away her presence before she is even seen, making closing in on unsuspecting survivors a little bit more difficult. Unfortunately, the humming is separate from the terror radius, so things like Insidious will not affect her humming. The Huntress is also one of the slower killers in the game, comparable to The Hag with the speed of 4.4.

Deady By Daylight

Broad Axe

The Broad Axe is the Huntress’ main weapon. Her reach is one of the shortest in the game, including her lunge attack. Do not rely too heavily on the Broad axe unless you are on the tail of a survivor closing in for a kill. The Broad Axe should be used to put a survivor in dying state unless you randomly come across a close survivor while hunting.Dead By Daylight


The Huntress’ Load out will focus on her hatchets. Her wind up time and time between hatchet throws can be manipulated with different add ons. I really recommend spending some time learning the angles and distances of the hatchets for these will be your bread and butter due to her humming keeping most survivors at a distance. There is a three second wind-up period for throwing a hatchet, with a four second charging period with an audio cue at fully charged, and a four-second cool down between hatchets. This is the baseline timing for the Huntress’ hatchets unless different add ons are used.

Dead By Daylight

Keep in mind when you are winding up your hatchet to lead the survivor you are trying to throw at. Also, when a survivor is about to use a pallet or vault point begin winding up and take aim. This is the most optimal time get a hit or secure a kill as The Huntress.

Things to Keep in mind

  • The Huntress’ humming stops whenever she is winding up her hatchet.
  • Players will begin each trial with amount of five Hatchets to throw
  • Hatchets can be charged to be thrown at a farther distance
  • Huntress’ movement speed slows while charging
  • Cancel hatchet throw by left clicking
  • Hatchet Refills can be found in lockers

Dead By Daylight

The Huntress’ Perks

Hex: The Huntress Lullaby is hands down the best Huntress perk. Be mindful of where the lit Hex totem is at. Once it’s destroyed, this perk will be rendered useless. Also, if you are the type to usually hook in the basement Territorial Imperative might be something to consider.

Abilities Description
Beast Of Prey Beast of Prey will remove the red stain in front of the killer 15/20/25 seconds when Bloodlust activates. Beast of Prey's cool down is 120 seconds
Territorial Imperative Territorial Imperative allows players to see Survivors auras for a short period of time when they enter the basement and The Huntress is more than 32 meters away from the Basement's entrance. Territorial Imperative can only be triggered once every 60/45/30 seconds.
Hex: Huntress Lullaby Each time a Survivor is hooked, Huntress Lullaby grows in power: 1 to 4 Tokens: Time between the Skill Check warning sound and the Skill Check becomes shorter. 5 Tokens: No Skill Check warning.

Status Effects

The Huntress’ hatchets can also add on status effects depending on what add on has been applied.  The icon’s color will reflect whether it is a buff (Yellow) or a debuff (Red).

Status Effect Description
Hemorrhage The Survivor is heavily bleeding, leaving visible traces for the Killer to follow.
Exhausted The Survivor cannot perform physically demanding feats from Perks such as Sprint Burst, Balanced Landing, Lithe or Dead Hard. Exhaustion puts the aforementioned perks on a shared cooldown. Running slows the cooldown by 50%. Crouching accelerates the cooldown by 33%, even during interactions. Adrenaline ignores the Exhaustion mechanic on itself but still causes it.
Vision A character's vision is impaired effects aura-reading abilities
Mangled The Survivor is heavily injured and requires more time to be fully healed. Slows down healing speed.
Hindered The character's movement speed is decreased.

 Load out Tips

I think the most effective Huntress is one that can throw her hatchets out the fastest. While there are different effects, I don’t see much use for them. Most of your hatchet throws will be at some sort of distance, and the effect normally will wear off before you get close enough(depending on what status effect is used.) Any combination of the following will be sufficient to make The Huntress’ hatchets a force to be reckoned with.

These will shorten the time between hatchet throws

Bandaged Haft
Oak Haft

These will shorten the wind-up time for the hatchets.

Add ons Description
Leather Loop Player will start with an extra hatchet and will be able to carry one extra hatchet
Infatry Belt Player will start with 2 extra hatchets and will be able to carry 2 extra hatchets

These will allow you to carry extra hatchets, they do stack as well if you want to have an array of hatchets to throw

Add Ons Description
Leather Loop Players will start the Trial with one extra ax Players will be able to carry one more axes during trial
Infantry Belt Players will start the Trial with two more axes Players will be able to carry two more axes during trial

For players that want to completely dominate and keep the survivors terrified this is it.

Rage Quitters
Iridescent Head Inflicts dying upon the victim. Reduces maximum carried Hatchet amount by 2.
Memento Mori Grants the ability to kill player by your hand after one hook
Dead By Daylight
When Depleted of Axes, their aura will appear.

 Ideal Perks for The Huntress

While I’m not the biggest fan of the Huntress’ perks, she can still be just as deadly with other perks in the game. I think using these perks will give you the edge you need from the disadvantage of  The Huntress’ humming.

Add on Description
A Nurses Calling Unlocks potential in one's Aura reading ability. The Auras of Survivors who are healing or being healed are revealed to you when they are within 20/24/28 meters range.
Thatanophobia 1 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 4/5/6 %. 2 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 7/8/9 %. 3 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 10/11/12 %. 4 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 13/14/15 %.
Tinkerer Add-ons that affect charge time of your power are 6/8/10 % more effective.
Iron Grasp Effects of Survivor struggling are reduced by 25/50/75 %. Time to struggle out of your grasp is increased by4/8/12 %.

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