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Dawn of War III Developers Talk about Multiplayer and Beta Registrations

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Relic Entertainment hosts an open beta for multiplayer just in time for its full release. Here is a video they put together to get your jowls salivated that go over the 3v3 matches.

As we hit the home stretch of the release of Dawn of War III, Relic entertainment released a walkthrough with commentary from game director Philippe Boulle and game designer Carolina Mastretta.  During the video, they give a few do’s and don’ts during a multiplayer 3 versus 3 match.  A few tips that were given include the following: Make use of your Bonesinger early game, their speed will assist you greatly while scouting. For people playing Eldars, try to build Webway nodes. They will be a point of retreat and increase your shield regeneration. The 39 minute video dives into a deep and detailed overview of the game and its mechanics, so you can use this info to assist you in steamrolling your opponents. Relic has also released a guide entitled “Six tips to help you survive the open beta“.

Don of War III, Relic Entertainment

Open beta registrations are available for those who want try out the game early. Beta testing will begin on April 21st and will end on the 24th in time for its release on the 27th. There is also a FAQ available giving comparisons between the beta version and the full release. Dawn of War III releases on April 27th on PC and Steam!

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