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Dawn of War 3 Developer Interview

One of our own got to interview a developer in Dawn of War 3 (DoW3). The game is being released in a world that has seen a lack of real time strategy games, recent titles have been more FPS or MOBA focused. Civ VI has now been released but it's a vastly different game than DoW3, it's turn based rather than real time. The game itself looks beautiful, and you can see in the cut-scenes in the interview contain some pretty cool gameplay footage. The background and terrain are part of the game, so you can use your abilities to re-position yourself on the map to take maximum advantage of your surroundings. 

Death is a machine

Cover is an all or nothing concept in DoW3. If you are under cover, the cover takes the damage for you. Pretty straightfoward. However, you can smash people out of cover and certain units can't take cover at all! The game does look really busy, and it is overly complex. The addition of aiming to the mix seems like an unnecessary burden on the player, but the developers of DoW3 shared that those types of abilities will be available well into the game and players have to decide if these cumbersome abilities are worth their massive damage and displacement. 

As elites level up their abilities affect the battle in different ways, this is done in lieu of having your individual units level up as the battle progresses. It seems that elites will be the main focus of the game. Their abilities do the most damage, their presence greatly influences the battlefield, and they can traverse and change the battlefield at a moment's notice. The game looks like a lot of fun, and fans of RTS' will be pleasantly surprised. Check out the entire interview with DoW3's Carolina Mastretta below:

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