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Data Mining Sparks Overwatch Valentine’s Day Rumors

Players have found Valentine voice clips, causing relationship rumors to float.

Once again, data mining has brought up some interesting voice clips that seem Valentine's Day inspired. As with the past, sound clips for the Winter event were found, and eventually the sound clip was found to be the general music for the Winter event. This time, we have several clips to listen to of Genji talking to Hanzo and Mercy.

In the Overwatch webcomic "Reflections" which mostly sparked huge buzz due to Tracer's sexual orientation and relationship with Emily. However, a closer look shows Mercy and Genji exchanging letters. We know Mercy operated on Genji after he had major trauma, so it's possible a little Florence Nightingale effect is happening with these two. Fans are buzzing over the recent relationships of the Overwatch team, as it gives our beloved heroes more depth. Whether or not these sounds clips will make it into a Valentine's Day event is nothing more than mere speculation, we all know it will be confirmed in the near future.

The first sound clip is Genji asking Hanzo if he has any chocolates and Hanzo responding back with a typical comment.

The second clip Mercy telling Genji she has some swiss chocolates for him, and Genji asks her to share them with her.

The final clip is Genji telling Mercy he has chocolates for her, though they aren't swiss.

In both lines to Mercy, Genji calls her by her real name Angela. This has fans foreshadowing about a possible (and hopeful) relationship in Overwatch. Do you think Genji and Mercy make a good pair? Let us know here or on Facebook.

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