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Crowfall Announces New Class and Race System


Developers of Crowfall have released quite a bit of information in regards to their character creation. Since Class and Race are now separated, players will have a wider variety of characters to choose from.

Artcraft Entertainment, developers of the MMO Crowfall, began their Kickstarter back in 2015 and ran a very successful campaign. With an initial goal of $800k, the team was able to raise $1.7 million dollars. Today, Archcraft Entertainment released two new videos informing and showcasing the latest updates to the game. In the first video, the team discusses classes and races, initially tied together. Now, thanks to the support from the Crowfall community, players will now have an array of options to choose from and are not limited to a few choices. Now if you want to be an assassin minotaur, you can. During the first video, ArtCraft Co-Founder and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman explains.


“Originally, the choice of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do were locked, so if I wanted to be an Assassin I had to be a Fey, if I wanted to be a Frostweaver I had to be a Moon Elf,”  “We’ve overcome that cost limitation, and we’re announcing today for the first time that races and classes are now separate.”

The changes are not just purely cosmetic either. Coleman used as an example a Centaur Knight, whose passive—as a Centaur—would originally have been locked as a leap forward. But now as a Knight, players will have the option of assigning the right-click trigger to either the leap forward or the Shield Block ability of Knights.

There was a second video that was released as well. The video was to announce the graphic overhaul Crowfall experienced. The video takes players through territories and townships to show off the updated graphics.

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