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Conan Exiles Gets Massive Overhaul

A new trailer has been released showcasing Funcom’s newest biome for Conan Exiles: The Frozen North.

Funcom is in the process of doing big things for Conan Exiles. They are currently getting ready to release Conan Exiles on August 16th on the Xbox One, along with it there is going to be a large expansion called “The Frozen North” for both versions of the game.

We have known for some time that a new mountainous snow biome featuring Wooly Mammoths and other new creatures to battle against was on the way.

“Since launching into PC Early Access on January 31 st 2017, the development team has been working tirelessly to introduce new content, improve mechanics, and eradicate bugs and exploits. The team has added siege weapons, a new dungeon, a dye system, new armor and weapons, new decorations, avatar defenses, new building pieces, and much more.”

The new expansion will feature more than just a new aesthetic. There will be numerous new features and upgrades to the game from the looting system, to the combat system, to the Ai system.  According to a developer blog update, the team found a bug that would give incorrect statistics for creatures and their drop rates. Fixing this has created a better feel and balance to the core crafting mechanics of the game.

We found a bug with our stat system that was making creatures have incorrect statistics for their level and that has been corrected. It makes the monsters do more damage and take more damage to kill. Harvesting creatures now makes more sense, with lower challenge creatures providing less resources than earlier but harder and more difficult creatures being more resource rich.

Another large core mechanic of the game is the combat system. They have separated light and heavy attacks, part of the problem initially was there was an issue of discernment if the player was attempting a light attack or a heavy attack. Light attacks will be the LMB and heavy attacks will be the RMB, this will allow chaining intuitive combo attacks together for more skilled combats. They have also removed sprinting during combat, thus eliminating what the developers call “Jousting lag”

In facilitating the sprint change, we’ve made changes to the way that sprint works. If you sprint in combat now, you will automatically sheathe your weapons. There is also a wield/unwield button that can be used to swiftly move between combat and non-combat modes.

Dodging animations and mechanics have also been revamped. Depending on what armor you are wearing, that will dictate the roll as well the cost of stamina, also a successful dodge will now cancel out any combat animations. Blocking will also cancel out the recovery time on your attacks.

One of the newest features in the game is the temperature players will either become frostbitten or overheated depending on the weather

Freezing I – Increases your hunger, requiring you to eat more often.
Freezing II – Decreases your maximum health and adds visual impairment.
Freezing III – Decreases your consciousness (which will become more important with both drinking alcohol and eventually being able to knock out other players)
Frostbite – Players take damage over time.

Overheating I – Increases your thirst, requiring you to drink more often.
Overheating II – Reduces your carrying capacity and adds visual impairment.
Overheating III – Reduces your stamina regeneration rate.
Heatstroke – Players take damage over time.

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