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Clash Royale Update Announcement 10/20

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Clash Royale recently announced some drastic changes to a variety of new and old cards that are coming on October 20th. Ice Golem and the Golem have a bug fix revolving around its damage to flying targets, as it was not functioning properly. The biggest change of them all is towards Poison, removing its Movement Slow and Attack Speed debuffs.

It will still make Poison a viable choice, but with a third of the effects it used to carry. Supercell stated that their goal with nerfing Poison concedes with the nerf of the Giant's HP by another 5% to reduce the strength of the Giant/Poison combo.



The new changes, hopefully, will give a little more balance to the game and offer players a different view on the Giant/Poison combo. Skeleton Army is receiving a reduced elixir cost, decrease in skeletons produced and level of the skelly's +5 hopefully this will give more variety to the card.

The other big change to note from this announcement is for the Elixir Collector, one of the most played cards in the game. It's receiving an increase in elixir cost from 5 to 6 and a longer duration. The change will be interesting to see roll out with the addition of 10 seconds to its timer and 1 more elixir per pump. Will it allow for better push management or have a detrimental effect on the elixir usage? Find out on the 20th when the patch rolls out.