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Top 5 Overwatch Teams of 2016

Of the many things 2016 facilitated, one was the beta and release of Blizzard’s hero-shooter Overwatch. Being a Blizzard game, it only made sense that the community jumped right into making teams and playing competitively before the game was even released. Throughout the latter majority of 2016, several teams fought it out in some high-caliber tournaments…


Top News Stories of 2016: DVS Gaming

We’ll re-cap gaming’s most talked about stories in 2016. DVS Gaming wishes all of our readers and community members a safe and happy New Year. This year has been quite the journey. In politics, the US Presidential Elections were everywhere on the news from Hillary’s emails to Trump finally taking the win, earlier on in the…


Annoyances With World of Warcraft: Legion

The newest Blizzard expansion to their popular MMO, brought upon many positive changes to the game. In this article, we cover some of the other tweaks the game could have that would make the player experience even more enjoyable.  Read More