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Blizzcon eSports Results

The Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft and WoW Arena tournaments were played this weekend.

Blizzard held tournaments all of this past weekend to decide various champions in specific eSports. We'll cover them all, along with a brief blurb of their final championship match.


Pavel beat out 16 of the world's best hearthstone players this Blizzcon and was crowned the 2016 Hearthstone World Champion. He did it off the back of a nasty anti-Druid Rouge deck that only lost once to a Druid in the entire tournament. He faced off against DrHippi in an all EU final, and beat him in six games. If you want to watch a particular fun game in this series, check out game four below:

Heroes of the Storm

The Korean team, Ballistix, took home the HoTS Fall Championship. They did it by beating a surprising Fnatic team in three games in the final. The Fnatic team beat out the tournament favorites MVP Black in the semifinals. Ballistix got to the finals by defeating Dignitas. The finals were a joy to watch, and many folks were rooting for the Western underdogs to take the series against the Korean powerhouse. Ballistix just played a great game, and if you want to watch an amazing game check out game two in the Sky Temple.


The Overwatch World Cup took place between South Korea and Russia. South Korea was a dominant force throughout the tournament, they did not drop a single game throughout the entire thing! They swept the finals 4-0 against Russia through a combination of superior teamfighting and an unwavering defense at important choke points. They also exhibited insane strategy on attack, and to be honest most teams looked discombobulated against Korea's superior match preparation. You can watch all the matches by going here:

WoW Arena

Method NA and Splyce faced off in the WoW arena finals, and they played out an amazing seven game series to decide the winner. Ultimatley, Splyce pulled out the victory with some crazy plays, an LSP comp and a near turnaround by Method NA. It was an exciting series to watch, and we recommend you watch all seven games to truly appreciate how much both teams fought for the victory. We're in the process of creating a VOD's page for you to watch the games, it will be found here: DVS WoW Arena Reddit Vods.


Dark and ByuN faced off in the grand finals. They are the best Zerg and best Terran players in the world. The match was a fantastic back and forth, with ByuN taking a 3-1 series lead into a nail biting fifth game.  The fifth game was a doozy, and we strongly recommend you watch it below. ByuN played a spectacular series, and his championship was well deserved.

It was an awesome bunch of games we got treated to this past weekend, stay tuned for more eSports coverage from DVS Gaming!

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