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Blizzard to Fix Overwatch’s Toxic Community

While Overwatch remains one of the most popular games, it is known for its toxic players harassing teammates and rage quitting when they feel the game cannot be won.

Overwatch is a team-based FPS, encouraging players to work together to reach a common goal, but with toxic players and “smurf” accounts, elitist players are making the game less enjoyable for most people. Thankfully, Overwatch‘s game director Jeff Kaplan has announced that Blizzard has plans to fix the current punishment these players receive. calling Blizzard’s current system “toothless”.

Many players have threatened to leave Overwatch (the competitive mode in particular) because of people not acting like a team. This has been an ongoing problem in the Overwatch community for quite some time, and many players aren’t satisfied with Kaplan’s prior responses, so the new promise of harsher punishment won’t be enough to get them back.

Players have taken to the Overwatch forums asking for assistance for players who troll games, be it competitive or even casual play in arcade mode and quick play. It hurts your team, even if you are sure you will lose. Blizzard is currently busy working on making the Overwatch League successful and ensuring the game is balanced in the long run. It is difficult to tell whether people are just mad and report someone for the sake of reporting or if they are legitimately throwing a game. There is a fine line between a leader and an elitist troll, and there are people who just don’t know how to handle criticism. The pressure is now on for Blizzard to address players’ concerns and keep the game fun for everybody, new or veteran.

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