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Blizzard Releases New Charity Pet For Disaster Relief Efforts

warcraft shadowpet Charity pet

Blizzard has released a new charity pet to help with disaster relief around the world.

A new World of Warcraft pet, Shadow the Fox, has been released in the Blizzard Store. Between now and December 31, 2017, 100% of the proceeds of the $10 pet will be split between the American Red Cross Disaster Relief and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Disaster Relief Fund.

“Lost on Argus and overtaken by darkness, this playful fox can shrug off the void just by being by your side. With its adorably oversized ears, it’ll be at your side, trotting through every battle. At the end of the day, curl up next to this cuddly canidae and admire its color-changing coat with its light and shadow effects. It’s yours to keep.

“Due to recent natural disasters around the world—and the great needs of those affected—we’ve decided not to wait for BlizzCon 2017 to release this year’s new charity pet. The immediacy of the events, including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, flooding in South Asia, and countless other crises, have shown we need to act now,” Blizzard said in a blog post. Natural disasters from hurricanes, floods, and wildfires have been gripping the entire world in recent months.”

Blizzard is no stranger to charitable efforts. Many players have bought these pets in-game to signal their support for charitable causes. Last year’s charity pet, Mischief the kitten, benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation, while the 2015 charity pet, Brightpaw, also benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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