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Blizzard May Have Leaked the Location of World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion

Blizzcon is just around the corner, so we may hear about World of Warcraft’s next expansion soon, in the meantime there may be clues hiding in plain sight.

With Patch 7.3, players will be able to visit Argus. Many are speculating this could be the last patch for World of Warcraft: Legion. The community believes that we will be sent to Kul Tiras to fight the Old Gods. There is a post on Wowhead which shows the new tier armor for Kul Tiras. This is the first time Kul Tiras has been mentioned since Cataclysm, as mentioned by Perculia, the author of the post on Wowhead.

When you zoom in on the armor, you see a map of what is assumed to be Kul Tiras. When you compare it to the map of Kul Tiras that is present in the World of Warcraft original game manual, it’s easy to see the similarities. During the course of Legion, players have mentioned the Void Lords would be next in line. This would make sense, seeing as the Void Lords created the Old Gods. Kul Tiras is a naval superpower led by Lord Admiral Proudmoore, who also happens to be Jaina Proudmoore’s father. If you piece together the current lore, and the rumors we have heard of so far, there is some sense made of all these rumors. It is very possible that the truth lies in the rumors, somewhere.

Tier Armor
Tier Armor Set

At this point, if the next expansion does not feature Kul Tiras, Queen Azshara, and the Old Gods or even just one of them, it will catch everyone off guard. Blizzard has revealed little pieces of the next expansion in line before in the past, such as Cataclysm’s classes and new races, way before they were even announced officially. When it was rumored to have the Rise of the Naga Empire expansion as the next one, they even mentioned Kul Tiras as one of the leveling zones.

Major Expansion Features:

  • Level Cap Raised to 120
  • New Race: Naga (Neutral) A splinter faction of Naga unwilling to succumb the Old God’s whispers defect from Azshara’s ranks and choose to either join the Horde or Alliance
  • New Class: Tinker (Gnomes & Goblins) Tank, DPS specs available.
  • New Neutral City: Undermine
  • New Mount Type: Boats (with the help of the Goblins and Gnomes, players will be able to create their own boat in the initial leveling stage of the expansion. Faster boats will be able to be found as mount drops off bosses.)
  • Race specific House Boats will be able to be created and customized by players.
  • Faction Allegiance System: Allows horde and alliance players to undergo a series of quests and events that eventually allows them to group together, unlocks account wide.
  • Eight New Zones (All new zones will have Legion level scaling tech except for ones indicated):

Leveling Zones:

  • Scintal Reef (Naga Leveling Zone 1-20)
  • Kul’Tiras
  • The Isle of Kezan
  • Zandalar
  • Tel Abim
  • Drowned Reaches

Max Level Zones:

  • Gishan Caverns
  • Nazjatar

Other Major Features:

  • Two New Battlegrounds
  • One New Arena
  • Three New Raid zones available at launch, more planned in several patches
  • 12 Dungeons available at launch, 10 New, two being refreshed previous expansion dungeons, more planned in several patches
  • Transmog Closet updates, to include all offset “sets” (example purple paladin tier two BC dungeon set)

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that there is any truth to these rumors or this “leak”? Let us know in the comments below and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.

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