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Blizzard Announces 3 New Overwatch Maps for Anniversary Event


Blizzard has finally released some news regarding the Overwatch Anniversary event that is right around the corner, we’re getting new maps.

We have finally gotten confirmation as to some of the content that we will be getting for Overwatch’s first year anniversary. In a tweet from Overwatch’s Offical Twitter, there is a teaser video that showcases portions of the new maps. Based on the environments on display it looks like they’ll be tied in somehow with the current Dorado, Eichenwalde, and Anubis maps.

Overwatch anniversary is set to kick off on May 23rd, and Blizzard has been pretty hush with everything for this event, letting fan theories run wild with speculations a far as new characters & Cosmetics. As we get closer, more content for the anniversary is being released to keep fans pumped for the upcoming event, yesterday they released a thank you video and recapped the insanely successful year Overwatch has had.


While many not know completely what Blizzard has in store for the Anniversary event, we do know that Overwatch will have another free weekend in lieu of the Anniversary event. Players who participate and sign up for the free weekend will be able to keep all progress, cosmetics, etc, that they have made over the weekend to add as even more incentive to join the Overwatch community.


For players who play Blizzard’s Heroes Of the Storm, if you play with your friend from now till the 22nd, after completing Quest 3, play 5 games with a friend in Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked. Players will get 10 Loot chests for HOTS as well as 10 Lootboxes for Overwatch. For Console players, you will need to link your Heroes Blizzard account with your console Overwatch account to earn rewards. (Log into Battle.net and go to Account Management > Security Options > Connected Accounts.)

What do you think about the new maps for the Anniversary event? Do you think they will be a permanent edition or just for the event?Let us know in the comments, or talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!